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Ohhh Monday. Vacation's Over

I have been off work since December 23, 2014.  That is 13 days!  It was hard this morning, getting up and into the swing of things.  Let's just start with a weekend recap so I can relive the last few days of glory.  Oh, and I'm starting the weekend early.  Because I can!

Pretty much, my outfit has been some variation of this everyday that I haven't been in public.
Teal tee and yoga pants by VS Pink
Gray striped shirt from Target (so very soft!!)
Wicked Good Slippers by L.L. Bean (I call them my clouds they're so comfy)
Amazing hair by the dogs that insist on sleeping on my head.

New Year's Day, we got going strong on our goals for 2015 and went for a hike.  We explored O'Leno State Park, found a geocache, and did a nice 1 1/2 mile hike.  We then realized that we drove an hour for a 45 minute excursion.
Turtles at O'Leno State Park in High Springs, Florida.  From the Bear Den Plantation
Can you see all the turtles hanging out on the log?  I really need to get a telephoto lens.
Algae covered pool of water O'Leno State Park in High Springs, Florida.  From the Bear Den Plantation
Not pictured: the sign that says "Beware of Alligators."  They like to hid out in the nasty algae-covered ponds.
Historic Sites at O'Leno State Park in High Springs, FL from the Bear Den Plantation
The area was established as a State Park in the 1930's by the Civilian Conservation Corps.  However, many years before, it was an active town.  What is left of the original town grist mill is on display.  There are also many out buildings that may be used as storage, but they look to be in pretty rough shape, so I'm thinking they were built by the CCC.

Friday, we continued being active and trying to eat healthy, though we haven't started an actual workout regimen yet.  Apparently 3 times down our driveway and back is one mile, so we walked it a few times, and made a loop down the trail in back of our house that eventually connects to a dirt county road.  I also worked on my blogging goal, commenting and visiting about 100 blogs from the various Friday link- ups.
Florida Panhandle Dirt County Roads from the Bear Den Plantation

Saturday we had planned to go hiking in Tallahassee, and to swing by Barnes & Noble after we were done.  We don't often buy books from them due to the price, but we like to go in there and look at them.  Then go home and purchase through Amazon... is that bad?  Instead, we got our tree down and ornaments and decorations organized for their hibernation in the attic.  Stay tuned to see what is going to take place with our tree... Once the weather cooperates.

Female and Male Rottweiler Sleeping at the Bear Den Planation
It was kind of a lazy day for everyone....
Last but certainly not least, it was Scott's 31st birthday yesterday.  I like reminding him that he has now been able to legally drink for 10 years.  He doesn't find the humor.  It was a relaxing day since the weather was still crappy.  We pretty much lounged around the house and worked of some long over due cleaning.

Oh, and worked up enough ambition to finish this:
Ana White X-Console Table built by Bear Den Plantation
There is still a little work left to do- for instance screwing the top onto the base.  And then we need to decide on the paint and/or stain color.  Right now this is up in the area between Scott's office and the bar.  However, now seeing the finished height, I could think of about 3 places it would be handy!  The building plan we used is from Ana White, which has a bunch of different building plans for different things.
Happy Birthday, Dear!  You get a hand-built table.  That you had to help build! Also, can we take a minute to marvel at this picture?  I took it in almost complete darkness, using my new tripod.  It made so I was able to use the 30 second shutter speed with no problem!

Any ideas or thoughts on the color of it is appreciated!!

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  1. I always LOVE going to book stores, but between the Kindle and the price of an actual book, it's easier and cheaper to go through Amazon!

  2. Oooh beautiful table! Do a vinegar wash, then a light color chalk paint (like Annie Sloan) and distress a little! Love that look, you get a little of both worlds- paint and stain- and still get to see the beautiful grain of the wood!

  3. Ohhh M I miss you! I'm thinking about staining the top, and painting the frame. Using steel wool/ vineager to make a grayish washed out stain. And I usually make my own chalk paint for furniture, but I'm not sure on the color. I kind of want to do something bold!

  4. Saying hi from the linkup! I noticed your tag on this post was "exploring Florida." I live in the Panhandle and if you get the chance (or live close by) you should totally come explore the beaches! They're gorgeous!

  5. Thanks for stopping by- I live near Tallahassee, and we go to the Panhandle beaches A LOT during the summertime. In the winter/fall, we try to explore some of the state parks that aren't so fun in the summer. IE- snakes and spiders make more of an appearance :) I think Topsail Hill and Perdido Key are my favorite... Perdido Key, when there is NOT tens of thousands of other people there!

  6. My wardrobe looked pretty much just like that for almost every day these past two weeks, and I didn't hate it one bit! Your hike looks pretty - what a great way to start the new year!

  7. Gah it was so hard putting on real clothes this morning!! And makeup! My skin has been enjoying being able to BREATHE all day

  8. I had a lot of time off work, too. It was fabulous, wasn't it? But you're right, now we're back at it and it looks like you had so many adventures during your down time!!

  9. So many adventures and so many days that I didn't leave the house! It was the perfect mix!

  10. Girl, y'all have been busy! I feel ya on the hard to go back to work. I was just off a week and it was rough! I can't believe y'all built that table. Y'all rock!

  11. Thanks! I can't wait to get it painted, but i'm still kind of at a loss as to what to do!!


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