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Gilmore Girls 5, for Friday

"Because Logan had many, many blondes for Thanksgiving"
-Rory, Season 6 Ep 16

Seriously, the above quote was all that's been written in the draft version of this post for over a week.  When I found the Friday link-ups, I thought, "space the link-ups out, you don't have to participate every Friday."  But then, I realized how much I like lists.  Like a female David Letterman.  I also like other people's lists, which I enjoy reading throughout the weekend.  I notice that my lists are a little different- they're not just 5 random things (generally).  Often, the theme is nothing having to do with my life.  I like to learn things about stuff I like- hence this post about Petticoat Junction.  I'm not sure if this is good or bad or doesn't really matter.  But today, after finished watching all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls on Netflix (even though I've owned the DVDs since... they came out on DVD), I bring you 5 Gilmore Girls things.  Be careful- there may be what some consider spoilers.

1.  Quotes.  I love quotes, and like the above from Rory, Gilmore Girls is full of meme-worthy quotes.  I perused Google and Pinterest.  In keeping with the theme of "Fives," here are 5 of my favorite quotes/memes/what have you.
1 / 2 /  3 /  4 / 5

2.  Luke-  Seriously, Luke is great.  Love him and Lorelai together.  But I have problems.  Lorelai moved to Stars Hollow when she was 17ish.  Luke's lived there his whole life.  When they started dating, Luke and Lorelai had known each other for 8-10 years.  How? Rory was already 18-20 by this point, which means they would have lived in Stars Hollow for 17-19 years.  I just don't see how they could live in town for almost 10 years without knowing the guy that has supplied Lorelai's coffee.
Via Pinterest

3. Logan-  First of all, I didn't realize that Matt Czuchry was from Johnson City, TN.  Otherwise known as My Happy Place.  He went to Science Hill High School, and graduated a year or two before one of my good friends.  Now Logan.  Am I the only one that thinks Rory should've said "yes?"  He had his "buttfaced miscreant" moments, yes.  But it is very clear that he adores Rory (more than his own family) and would support her in all of her future endeavors. They basically grew up together, I love that they could always go and do their own thing (like jumping off cliffs) but in the end, come home to each other.  Plus, he's pretty.  Also, I realize I'm talking about fictional characters as if they are not… fictional.  But come on.  I think, had the series continued another couple years, Logan and Rory would wind up married.
Via Google
Via Google

4.  Paris-  She's probably my favorite non-main, non-boy character.  The things that fly out of her mouth are many of my favorite LOL moments.  Her sarcasm and her neuroses are the perfect mix.

5.  The other supporting characters-  Really they all played as big of a role in the show as the main characters.  Kirk.  He brings so much randomness to the table and reminds me of one of my good friends.  Stefans.  I don't think the show would be/ have been as popular, if it weren't for the rest of the cast.  The small town feeling that they are able to portray reminds me of a classic New England town.  Except for that people walk everywhere, and the classic New England town I grew up in, was to far away from anything to walk.

Happy Friday ya'll!  Linking up with September Farm / The Farmer's Wife, The Diary of a Real Housewife, and A. Liz Adventures


  1. Heather Hammel6:34:00 AM

    I loved Gilmore Girls and LOVE quotes. My favorite on here is Paris' quote lol. I agree with you on Rory and Logan. And I am totally with you on talking about fictional characters on t.v. like they are actually real people and that I know them. I do it all the time. I remember when my mom had only been dating her now husband for a few months, we were talking about the women on The Real Housewives of Orange County and he thought we were talking about our friends, like people that we actually knew.

  2. Hahah that's too funny. I'm like that with books and movies, as well. It reminds me of Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, when he is talking about Penny talking about her friends, "Brad and Angelina" so negatively!

  3. Biana Perez11:32:00 AM

    I rewatched the last two seasons since i missed them when it was on and I am seriously obsessed with that show! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Yeah I can't say I watched the entire last season when it aired, either. I actually had to force myself to watch it this time, because usually the last seasons of things suck. And also, in my twisted little head, it wouldn't be over lol

  5. Your Rotties are adorable...can't wait to see more posts featuring them :) Loved Gilmore Girls, but it kinda lost me at the end. Maybe someday I will have to start at the beginning again.

  6. They actually have their own tumblr ( that I update every few days purely with pictures of their shenanigans. It'd for the in-laws mostly!!! I read somewhere that people thought the last couple of seasons of GG were boring and uneventful. I personally thing that the writers did a good job of growing Rory and Logan up- real life relationships don't have all the drama all the time. But. That doesn't get ratings either, I guess!!!

  7. Love love love GG. But I don't have netflix and my sisters talk about watching it nonstop! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  8. Hahah yeah unfortunately Netflix only helped make it easier- I actually have all the seasons on DVD but it seemed like too much work, changing discs and all. My college girlfriends and I would binge watch them... Usually while binge drinking. It was kind of nice to go back and just watch the shows and actually know what's going on! 🙈

  9. Can you believe I've never seen Gilmore Girls?! now that i know it's on netflix it's probably about time that i give it a try! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  10. You'll love it! To be honest, I didn't really get into until the series was almost done, back in 2007. But. After a few episodes I was hooked and binge watched whatever seasons were out on DVD a that point!

  11. It's terrifying how much I reference them in real life! :)


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