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New Year, New Resolutions

Happy 2015 ya'll!  Scott and I spent the evening exactly as planned- in the bed, with a little princess sandwiched between us.  It was a peaceful start to the New Year for sure.  A new year equals new beginnings, a chance excuse to turn over a new leaf.  Here are my resolutions for the next year- I'm thinking the last Friday of every month, I'll post a little update.  This is so I'll be able to hold myself a little more accountable and hopefully stay on track a little while longer.

1.  Eat Healthier- My dietary habits are… nonexistent.  I skip meals.  I eat crap.  I'm feeling as though it's catching up with me, and it's not fun.  We attempted a paleo meal last night that wasn't half bad.  However, we added a tortilla and cheese to the mix, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't "paleo" like

2.  Work out- This goes hand-in-hand with the above.  I exercise 0.  I go to bed early, and sleep until the last possible minute.  It's really not a good scenario.  We also started this out yesterday with a hike at one of the state parks.

3.  Blog more- I'd like to continue growing the blog, coming out with content, making new friends, and growing my follower-base.  What blogger wouldn't?  I'd also like to learn more about getting my own domain, fancier html, and editing my blog layout.

4.  Build more stuff- I cannot wait to start putting my new miter saw to use.  We have bed frames, end tables, book cases, and more to build.  Our house may be eventually furnished properly!

5.  Clean and organize the house- In general, every room in this house needs a clean out.  I also suck at keeping the floors vacuumed, and the dishes cleaned.  I'd like to go through the house room by room and clean, organize, throw stuff away.  I feel like once getting that done throughout the house, it'll be much easier to maintain and I won't just be stashing things wherever they fit.  Everything thing having a space might encourage me to keep the space as a whole clean!

What are your goals for 2015?

Since there are FIVE of these ambitious goals, and it's FRIDAY, I'm joining in on some link up fun!

I'm also sharing with Elizabeth @ Oak & Oats.

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  1. All of these things are on my list! Love the use of the word goal - it's so much more positive!!

  2. Thanks! I never even thought about goals vs. resolutions, but it's true!! I hope it makes it easier (in my mind!!) to accomplish!!

  3. Yes to all of these! Except I'm not really a builder, but I do want to decorate more. :) Happy new year!

  4. I need to decorate as well, but I figure the first step is to have surfaces to decorate! :)

  5. Working out is definitely on my list for 2015 too! I just need to start moving my lazy bum.

  6. Ugh it's been a slow start for me! I was going to start the Brazillian Butt thing tonight. Lasted 4 minutes. I did at least run (walk) around my house for 45 minutes while watching Gilmore Girls!

  7. Your list looks eerily like mine - except for the miter saw part. I'd definitely lose a finger. What kind of exercise are you going to try? Found your blog on the Oak & Oats link up, and will definitely be a reader from now on! xo

  8. Yeah the miter saw thing throws everyone. I love it, and it'd be very difficult to lose a finger, incase you'd ever like to use one :) Thanks for letting me know how you found me- I love hearing from new readers!!


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