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Dove Dry Spray Review

Also known as my first ever review on the Bear Den, so be aware.  This might be more (or less) than you would normally expect out of a blog review!

Influenster sent me Dove's new Dry Spray antiperspirant a couple of weeks ago to try out.  I was abnormally excited about this, because I normally use Dove deodorant anyway.  I've used it for a full two weeks in order to give me proper time to evaluate.

Dove Dry Spray

The first week I used this, I was on vacation.  This is code for... not doing much.  The spray could have easily lasted 48 hours if it didn't weird me out to go a day without applying deodorant.

Since I generally use a stick deodorant, that does tend to leave white marks on your clothes if you're not careful, I had to change my routine a little bit.  This has to go on  before your shirt;  with my stick deodorant, generally I get dressed and the last step before I'm out the door is to maneuver an under-the-shirt application.  All to avoid those horrid white marks on my clothes that I won't notice until I get to work.  Obviously putting the spray dry on first is an easier application.  But, after years of doing it the other way, it does take a little bit of time to get used to.

It does dry almost instantly.  However, one morning during the second week, I was running late.  After taking my shirt off (I had forgot my new routine) and doing a quick spray, I immediately threw my top back on.  Hello white marks.  The good news is, that they are as easy to remove as stick deodorant.

Week two, I was back at work.  I was also trying very hard to not sit on my butt all day long.  This resulted in a walk around FSU's football stadium 4 out of 5 days at lunch.  The spray dry left me feeling dry for the rest of the day.  Except one.  The same day that I had sprayed and put my shirt back on.  I think that all was user error.

The biggest pro that I have noticed this far with Dove Spray Dry is that it doesn't leave a residue on my shirts!  Seriously, any stick deodorant that I've used in the past would kind of build up on the underarms of my shirts.  Not so with the spray antiperspirant.  This alone makes it worth it for me.

The biggest potential con to this that I've seen thus far is the aluminum content.  I hear that's bad for you- Google it if you'd like, but be forewarned- you may not want to use any deodorant after reading.  My Dove stick deodorant has 15.2% aluminum zirconium tetra...something.  The spray has 20.2% aluminum chlorohydrate.  That's probably why it lasts longer than the stick.  This isn't a deal breaker to me, but it did pique my interest enough to Google.

Anyway, I've used it and will probably make the switch to it 100% if it continues to keep my shirts residue-free.  Husband is even considering running to Walmart to purchase the Men's Dove version as well.  He's a little more sensitive than I, and we've had issues in the past finding deodorants that don't irritate his skin!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


  1. Biana Perez10:06:00 AM

    Great review girl!! I think spray deodorants have health benefits as well!! I've never strayed from the stick variety - but this one sounds great!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Hahah thanks! It says it has "48 hour protection" I couldn't bring myself to NOT put it on one day to find if that's true :)

  3. It's good stuff- I'm still using it!


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