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Decorating with Things You Love

I am by no means a decorating guru.  I try to be, and I fail miserably.  But something about the contents of this picture makes me happy.  I think it's because of all of the things I "threw" on there to make it look full-ish for this post.
Unfinished Console Table

The Wall  ||  This small collage wall has been pretty much our only attempt at hanging things in our house.  In two years.  Our wedding was small and a family affair.  Scott's uncle performed the ceremony, and his dad was Best Man.  So his family had our vows (from his uncle) and his dad's Best Man speech typed up and matted for us.  Along with a couple pictures, and an engraved plaque.  With the date so no one (he) can't forget.

My mom had the signs hand painted back in Maine, along with the two that are on the top of console.

The Console  ||  The two mini chests were my grandmother's and her mother's before that.  I'm in the process of refinishing one, and need to do the other.

Scott's aunt made us a sign that says Bear Den Plantation for Christmas.  It will eventually hang over our french doors in the living room.

The dried roses aren't a huge sentiment.  They are the first (and to date, only) flowers Scott has brought home to me randomly.  It was before we got Rylee, so each rose is from each of my boys.

There is a BBQ set that includes "S" and "M" brands.  The box was handmade by one of Scott's friend's parents down in Vero Beach.  It was a groomsman's gift for his friend's wedding.

The Superman pillow is one that Scott has had since he was a small child.  Apparently there is a blanket that goes along with it, but his dad still has it.

The basket on the second shelf is one that my grandfather made me 11 years ago.  I used it for Christmas decorations as well.

Finally, the bottom basket is one that I crocheted.  I'm probably going to make more, and then stiffen them so they're not so slouchy.

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  1. Biana Perez9:37:00 AM

    I love the little baskets - it helps everything stay more organized!!! really great little corner! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Heheh I'm not sure if they keep things more organized, or they just hide the disorganization a little better! I figure when I get the table painted (and the other built), there will be a mass-organization taking place. We'll finally unpack all our DVDs after two years :)

  3. I love this! I love decorating with items with meaning!

  4. Yes! I'm glad that these things finally have a home, too!

  5. It all looks so pretty together!

  6. Thanks! Once I get the other one built, I think I've decided how to paint it!


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