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5 on Friday: Resolution Update

1.  Eat Healthier-  So far, so good-ish.  I've been doing well at throwing stuff in the crock pot on Sunday so I have food to eat all week.  Usually it's chicken chili or chicken chipotle soup.  Pretty much the same thing, but both are delicious.  And, it's hearty.  I may get around to sharing the recipe, but usually by the time it is done, it's not a good time to be taking photos.  And I inhale a bowl of it before I could even think about snapping a pic. I also tend to skip breakfast, so I've been grabbing the Wal-mart version of Slimfast Shakes to drink in the morning on my drive to work.

2.  Work out-  Not going nearly as well.  I was doing good the first week, getting out everyday and taking a walk around the stadium.  And walks/hikes with husband on the back roads.  But, no actual workouts have made their way into my life.  The walking has even been hard between cold weather, rain, and a sick boy.

3.  Blog more-  I'm trying.  I'm blogging about 4 days a week, and have been (usually) taking Thursday off.   I've done a couple reviews- on deodorant and this book- and there will be a couple more (on books) coming soon.  The hardest thing for me is fighting with my slow internet.  It makes it hard to get pictures uploaded and it also makes it a process to visit others' blogs.

4.  Build More Stuff- We got the console table built, but it still needs to be painted.  I've mentioned that like a billion times, because it irks me that I have no idea what / how to paint it.  I've got the lumber cut to size for a smaller console table on the other side of the fireplace.  After that, I'm going to crochet some baskets to hide all our crap.  I'm also excited about the Playstation having a home that's not on our hearth.

5.  Clean and organize the house- It kind of goes hand-in-hand with building more stuff.  Once we have shelves, tables, and stands it's going to make it easier to put stuff away.  Because there will be a place to put everything.  I started out strong with this one and got a couple of loads of clothes out of my closet to donate.  Unfortunately, that encouraged Scott to take up more space in my closet.  He's also gone through his clothes to donate.  We'd like to check the bedroom off our list, but we still have a corner of crap that's been there since we moved, that we need to pick through.  Also, the Christmas decorations have not made it to the attic yet.  Basically, every time I feel a little accomplished, I realize how much more there is to do.

So how is everyone else doing on their New Years Resolutions?

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  1. Bailley Lewandowski10:27:00 AM

    what great resolutions! I am very impressed. It sounds like you are doing wonderfully. You are inspiring me!

  2. Jordyn Brown11:37:00 AM

    I know exactly how you feel about how every time you feel like you get something done, a million more things pop up! But it's only the end of you've still got plenty of time ;)

    xoxo, SS

  3. Ha thanks! It really doesn't feel like I could be doing as well as i could be. Like, I'm already planning on hibernating this weekend rather than doing... anything!

  4. Very true. I'm terrible at starting a project and then getting side tracked. and then not going back to finish it, too!

  5. I do good at working out but suck at the food sometimes. During the week its great and then Saturday I want all of the bad things! Sounds like you are doing good though! Cleaning/organizing is like get one thing done and four more pop up! Have a great weekend!

  6. I do okay at the eating, it's the workign out that I can get energy for. The thing about cleaning/organizing is that in order for it to look better, it looks like a disaster first, when you're pulling everything out. That's about the time that I get side tracked, and then there's an even bigger mess! :)

  7. Tif Fannin11:00:00 PM

    I didn't even make them this year because it's so hard for me to stick to them. Good luck keeping yours up:)

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  8. Thanks! Its really slow going so far! February's a hard month for us, because it's short and husband has a sale that he's gone a lot for!


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