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The Shortest Weekend Ever

After two weeks of pretty much being gone, this weekend flew by.  We got back to our little plantation bright and early Saturday morning.  To find that our littlest bear gave Scott's dad a nice black eye!  Apparently they (and the two boys) had been enjoying a week of cuddles.  Some how that particular morning, Rylee managed to head-butt her Grandpa while they were snuggled in.  We talked to her about it and she feels horrible.

It also hit me hard that Christmas is only 17 days away, and that it is at our house this year.  I was in decoration-mode and adamant that we needed to get a Christmas tree. Pronto.  Though, that may have been due to running around the Mall at Millenia Friday night before Scott's company Christmas party...

Two-story Christmas Tree at Mall at Millenia, first floor
I was greeted by this as soon as we walked in...

Santa's wonderland at Mall at Millenia on the First Floor
And this, as we were trying to find Starbucks.  Santa is housed somewhere in here...
Mall at Millenia Christmas tree from second floor.
And then I saw the tree again from the upstairs... While running away to Tiffany while Husband was having his phone fixed.
 So, Saturday we hung out with the father-in-law and scouted out Christmas trees.  Yesterday, after he had left, we ran back to Tallahassee and got our 10 1/2 ft Christmas tree.  I seriously had all I could do to talk Scott out of the 11-12 foot tree!

What a job it was getting that thing straight, and in the house!  Dogs helped, of course.  Then, I started decorating a little bit since we have to wait til tonight or tomorrow for the tree's limbs to fall out completely...

Christmas 2014 Fireplace DIY decor
Excuse the poor lighting- things look so much more festive when the lights are illuminating everything.  But, it makes photos, especially taken with an iPhone, suck more. 
The basket on the left is one that my grandfather made me before setting out on my first semester of college- so 10 years ago.  I filled it with fir boughs, spray painted some pine cones (that we found out in our forest!) silver, and added some battery-operated mini lights.  Really, the only expense was the lights, which came in at $7.97.  I love it!

We also added some (way more expensive) LED lights to the fireplace, since it's not hooked up.  The lights are indoor/outdoor, and there are only 8 of those little balls.  But they reflect the lights so well that it looks kind of like a fire- except for the cooler tone.  And of course, there is the PS4 to the right, where my little snowman light is supposed to be.  Learning to pick my battles is hard. 

Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina - Tennesee border
Side note- I very much miss these mountains.  On our way out Tennessee, on the North Carolina border...

It was a great weekend, though I still have issues with picking out Christmas trees while wearing shorts!  I'm linking up with Biana @ B Loved Boston today, for her Weekending party!


  1. Biana Perez12:28:00 PM

    The decorations at the mall were gorgeous - holy wow on that tree!!

  2. It really was spectacular. I don't think we ever ventured out there during Christmas time when we lived in Orlando!

  3. The decorations at the mall are crazy amazing. Wow! Hope you get your tree decorated, mine is still falling too.

  4. Thanks! I picked through the ornaments last night, and that's as far as I got! Maybe by the weekend I'll get it decorated! :)

  5. oh I LOVE these pictures!! the decorations are beautiful and those mountains!!!

  6. I find myself in a hard spot a lot, because I love the mountains, but I also love the beach/ ocean. The ocean wins slightly, because I don't have to walk up ...mountains... to enjoy :)


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