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The Cost of Christmas

After a week in Northeast Tennessee, these 70 degree days in Florida aren't half bad.  We had a good trip, visiting with family.  But, the drive south on Sunday was horrible.  Anyway.  Ever notice, that even though your family / friends/ Christmas present list grows.  Your income does not?

I'm linking up with A. Liz Adventures today for her final Favorite Things party.  These items are all under $100.  You can find some others included on last week's Stocking Stuffer list, and my Christmas list the first week!

Swarovski Annual Edition 2014 Crystal Snowflake Ornament (Amazon Associate Link)-  I scored a deal on last year's ornament and fell in love.  There was a nice Cyber Monday deal the other day... we'll see if it winds up under (on?) my tree.  Swarovski started manufacturing these limited edition snowflakes in 1991.  A quick search on eBay shows that 1991's edition can fetch $1500 or more.  This may be my new retirement plan.
Barbie Life in The Dreamhouse Camper (Amazon Associate Link)- And pretty much anything Barbie doll (AAL) related.  Clothes. Houses.  Shoes for my brother to step on.  Eventually.  Once my niece is old enough, Christmas just got more fun for Auntie. Now if I can just find her a Trapper Keeper we'll be all set.
Lego Friends(Amazon Associate Link)-  Pretty much the same with these.  Lego didn't have girl Lego's when I was a small child.  The OCD in me needs to get these for my niece.  And proceed to build it for with her.
Starbucks Holiday $25 Gift Card (Amazon Associate Link)-  These always make me feel less bad about purchasing Starbucks.  Plus, it's the gift that keeps on giving.  In that if I have coffee, I'm less likely to want to kill someone first thing in the morning.  I know this is supposed to be a list for other people.  But if I'm happy.  Everyone else is happy.  At least in this house.
Coach Saffiano Leather Slim Clutch-  ERMYGERD!  So totally don't need this- it would be a major lifestyle change to carry something this small, but it is quite pretty.  And only $99!  And also sold out.  I recommend anyone and everyone sign up for Coach Outlet; I stalked them all day on Monday.  They had a different deal every hour.  I refrained.  Again, this is supposed to be for other people/ family.  So let your family know (or my family!) to go check this out.  

And so ends this year's Favorite Things holiday link up party!  I hope ya'll have enjoyed!  It's back to the grind to me!

Only 23 days til Christmas && 16 1/2 work days!


  1. Me too! I probably would've had it, if I hadn't just got one as a gift days before!

  2. It is gorgeous! I need to start collecting them for myself I think!


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