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Staying Organized in 2015 - Custom Blog Planner

I must confess.  I love planners.  And really good pens to use with the planners.  And Post-its.  Pretty much, I was that kid that loved back to school shopping.  I'm rather sad that I don't have that to look forward to once a year.  But on the other hand, I'm a grown up kind of and because of that, I can dart down the office supply aisle any chance I get.  Husband has learned this trick so he tries to corral me.  But sometimes he gets bored and wanders, so he always knows where to find me when I don't answer my phone.

When I decided to start blogging on a regular basis, and take an active role in the community, I knew I needed something to keep my little A.D.D. brain at bay.  Enter: Everyday Enchanting.  I found this free printable blog planner.  I saved two copies of the .pdf on my computer- one as the final product, and one to copy blank pages from and drag into the final product.  

I clicked and dragged various pages until I had enough weeks, months, and doodle pages, for the next year.  Actually 14 months, because I couldn't wait to use it.  You'll notice that the pages are all blank.  Along with ADD I'm OCD -a wonderful combination- so I went through and added the days of each month, the date range of each week, and the months.  I also added birthdays and anything that doesn't change year to year.

After I got done editing and adding pages, I uploaded the new .pdf (careful- it may be a large file!) to Office Depot's website for them to print.  I encourage everyone to shop around for this- I have the front cover as photo paper, and a protective plastic sheet thing in front of it, and as the back cover.  The rest of the pages are printed on both sides in color. FedEx Kinkos quoted me a price of over $100.  I gagged.  I slimmed down a few of the extra pages in the back.  I searched.  I hit Office Depot online when they were having a 50% off print on demand files.  This 14-month totally custom 8 1/2 by 11 planner cost me less than $50, with tax.  That's as much as I'd pay for a store-bought planner, and this doesn't have any of the things that I dislike about store-bought planners!  The cost would be even less if you were to have it printed in black and white.  I also had a lot of extra "doodle" spots, because I can't stand my weekly planning spots to be on the backside of the monthly calendar.  

The absolute best part of this process, was that it was ready the same day that I placed the order, so I didn't even have to wait that long to play with it.  I swear I'm an adult.  I also got a package of Post-it notes and some fancy new pens to use with it.  I use the Post-its to plan out a rough schedule on the monthly part of the calendar, that way I can move them around, or off for later.  

I already had plans for some of the extra pages when I was adding them into the planner.  For instance, I have a one-page month calendar purely to keep track of link parties going on each day.

I also have a spot to keep track of posts that I have written, but haven't published yet, for one reason or another.  A spot for user names and passwords for various websites.  And ample room to write down any ideas that I have for a post- I try to keep it close to me at all times so I can be sure to write them down.  I also find posts/ prompts online that I like from time to time, and jot them down in whatever extra space I have.  I'm weird and I do this randomly throughout, so when I get to that page, I see an idea that I've probably forgotten about since then.

I encourage everyone to check out Everyday Enchanting- I've found some other fun printables on there as well.  Nina also has countless other tips, projects, and free custom planners to help you stay organized.  She really should start an etsy shop or something and charge for them because they're great!  And I love that I have the flexibility to edit them a little bit more to fit my neurotic needs.

She didn't sponsor me in any way for this-in fact I'm sure that she's never even been over to the ole Bear Den- I just found her site/ planners in a search on Pinterest and thought I'd share!

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  1. Katie Cherry8:50:00 AM

    I love a good planner and some nice colorful pens! Yours looks awesome!

  2. Thanks! Not gonna lie- I still look at other fancy, awesome planners and debate on purchasing, even though I have that :)

  3. Thanks! It's working out well!

  4. Your planner is so beautiful! I'm impressed at all the customization you did. I use a combination of a journal and Google calendar/docs to keep track of my blog, but I know a lot of people want everything on paper.

  5. Thanks! I also use the outlook calendar that's linked to my blog email. I have reminders going off every day telling me where the linky party is!

  6. Thanks! It did take a little while for me to plan out, and bite the bullet on the cost. But I haven't found anything with it yet that I would do different!

  7. This is awesome! I really like planners as well, and I recently got a new one through the Great Christmas Exchange, a Kate Spade planner and I have a print out for another planner called the Passion Planner. I'm already using my Kate Spade planner and will soon be using my other one soon once I print out the pages I want. :) Happy planning!

  8. Thanks! I'm rather obsessive about planners as well- I've been known to have more than one!

  9. I'm leaning towards having more than one. :)


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