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(Non)Traditional Christmas Songs

5 Christmas Songs That should be on Everyon's Playlist
Can we take a minute to enjoy the pictures I found for the collage?  The Brad Paisley in the top left is one I took myself.  The rest are from Google.  I had never seen the picture of George Strait and Flat Phil Robertson before.  The 'N Sync photo in the bottom left?  I'm pretty sure I had that same one taped in my bedroom (along with 35,000 others), straight out of Tiger Beat or Bop.  Last, for the longest time I seriously thought that was how Santa was supposed to look, and may well be one of the reasons little kids are scared of him.  Unfortunately, the picture of Garth is the best that I could find on the fly, that he didn't have crazy eyes in.

Now, onto the point of this....I've dubbed this week "Christmas-time at the Bear Den Plantation," since all of my posts have been Christmas-related... except for Wednesday's, but Christmas was still on my mind so I'm counting it.

Admittedly, I prefer Christmas songs in the height of summer here in Florida.  Why? Because they're not on every radio station all the time.  Somehow, 3 versions of "Santa, Baby" in a row is far less annoying when the humidity is at 100% and it's 90 degrees outside.

Even so, there are a few Christmas songs that I enjoy, even this time of the year!

1)  Garth Brooks - "Belleau Wood": I'm not sure how I haven't heard this song before.  But it prompted a Google search about the World War I truce in 1914. 

2)Brad Paisley- "Winter Wonderland": BP is one of the few country country artists right now.  I actually bought his Christmas album a couple years back, and still listen to it this time of year. I love his version of Winter Wonderland, and it has been playing on Sirius XM lately. I like it because he refers to Jim Ed Brown and "Pop a Top."

3) 'N Sync- "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays": Okay I may or may not be listening to this right now!  This is quite possibly their best song ever.  Side note- any idea what JC is doing now?

4) George Strait & Phil and Miss Kay Robertson- "Christmas Cookies": Seriously combines two of my favorites... three if you include cookies!  George Strait alone on this is great, but adding Phil in... I can totally see him snatching Miss Kay's cookies before they're ready.  There are also few more good songs on this album- Missy Robertson can sing.  As can her son, Reed, who has a solo song on the album.

5) Bob Rivers- "12 Pains of Christmas": I have no idea why I loved the TAPE of "Twisted Christmas" when I was a kid, but I did.  This is one of my all time favorites, from Side A.

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