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A Year in Review

2014 has been a great year. We lived a quiet little life on our plantation and took a few trips. No major ups and no depressing lows. For twelve whole months now!

We rang in the new year in the truck with the dogs in our way back down to Florida. Shortly thereafter was Scott's 30th birthday. 

I scored first row Brad Paisley tickets and we had a blast. I also drank too much. 

We also got to take a little tour of backstage!

March was cruise time where we spent a week on the Brilliance of the Seas. It was a super relaxing honeymoon / family vacation and I love looking back at the pictures.

Disregard the dirty feet.  I loved napping out here every day though

It was back to work after that, with many weekends spent at the beach as the weather got warmer.  Actually, just about every weekend spent at the beach.  I got the first tan I've had in forever that Summer.  After about a month of working outside and getting burnt to a crisp.

The end of June brought us our road trip to Maine where we spent a week on Bog Lake.  Just us and the puppies. We explored. They swam everyday. I ate a ton of food that I hadn't been able to get for a couple years. Then we drove back down south in a hurricane. 
Mmm crab meat roll.
A week later, Helen's Restaurant (where the picture above was taken) burnt down to the ground.  It was a sad time for the community, as it was in the middle of tourist season.  But, the owners have started the rebuilding process.  It was also nice to see the town and surround areas rally together and raise $30,000 or so that went directly to the employees.

I turned 28 and we spent it hiking on Alligator Point, trying to find a geocache. Speaking of which, we hiked more and I found something else to keep entertained in the woods!

In August, we took a weekend trip to Pensacola to see Kenny Chesney. The beach was insane but it's fun to say we were there. 
via Facebook

In September we celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a weekend trip to St. Augustine. We explored a fort and a lighthouse and we even found a couple Christmas  presents for the family. 
We had a lot of fun running around this fort, but the humidity was brutal!
October was a fun month for my blogging, because it was the first one that I had blogged (just about) every day.  Thanks to Helene. I saw the results of my work quickly and it encouraged me to to continue on with the regular updates

The holidays snuck up on us quickly and we headed up to Tennessee for Thanksgiving with Scott's family.  We got to spend some time with his cousin and wife meandering around Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. 

Almost directly after Thanksgiving, Scott and I made our quick surprise trip to Maine to see my brother sworn in to the 127th Maine State Legislature!  It's safe to say brother has had a bigger year than me, and an even bigger one to come!

Christmas has come and gone and we had a blast hosting this year. The weather was surprisingly warm for north Florida in December. We capped off the end of the year with a men's basketball game at FSU, where they beat UF in the last seconds of the game. 
Not bad for $5 a ticket as a faculty member!

Tonight we have a quiet night of snuggling, wine, and video games. We'll probably be in bed long before the ball drops!!  Unless of course I wake up to watch Friends on Netflix at midnight!

I'm linking up with Showered with Design & Bella and the City today for their 2014 recap! 


  1. sounds like a great year!

  2. It was a very good year in deed!

  3. Allison West12:22:00 AM

    I just found your blog from one of the Friday linkups. I'm on my phone scrolling through a few posts--we were at Keeny chesney too, on a boat though. Looks like y'all have a fun life with the pups. I'll be following along for a while. Have a fun weekend!

  4. The concert was insanity- we said if we were to do it again, we'd be on a boat :) Neither of us were expecting those crowds. I'm glad that you stopped by!!


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