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6 Years of Christmases - His Edition

As promised, I'm back with Scott's list of gifts from years past.  Even though I'm a tad bit late.

2009- Bike gloves and pads for his jacket- we actually just found the gloves the other day when we were cleaning up one of the guest rooms.

2010- Snorkel for his Jeep-  I let him have it early (like always it seems) so he would leave me in peace to eat the live lobsters my mom had shipped from Maine.  Unfortunately I came down with strep throat while I still had one lobster (cooked by then) left to eat.  I wasn't going to waste it, so he got his present early and a Maine lobster.
2009 Jeep Rubicon 4 door with lift kit and snorkel from Bear Den Plantation

2011- Matthews Bow and arrows- He still plays with them every now and then, but he doesn't hunt, so I'm not entirely sure of the point of this present.
Matthews Bow with Realtree Camo from Bear Den Plantation
A 2-fer.  You can see the trailer in the background.

2012- Chain Saw-  When we went to Maine this summer, I told him it was overkill to pack the chainsaw to bring up with him.  Then, there was a hurricane the night before we left town.  He had to pull bunches of tree limbs out of the way just to get out of Machias.
Husqvarna chainsaw from Bear Den Plantation
Note: it is not a wise idea to be cutting up wood for the fire in boat shoes.  Just a thought.

2013- Trailer-  Truth be told, I came home to a trailer sitting in my driveway.  I was then informed that I was contributing to the cost for his Christmas and birthday present.  Whatever.

2014- Gun- thought it's to be determined what kind exactly.

Notice how I didn't explain much here?  Basically, he decides what he wants and I order it- or I contribute to the cost.  I couldn't tell you what kind of gloves I got him, and I certainly didn't manage to pick out the snorkel for him on my own.

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