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5 on Friday - All of the Days

You might notice that I've been a little M.I.A this week.  Maybe not- I don't know.  Suffice it to say that it has been a busy, busy, busy week and it ain't over yet.  So, my Friday Five is going to be a recap of all of the things this week.

1) Monday: After a nice 6 hours of sleep it was back to work for me!  Thankfully my boss and co-workers stepped up and I just had to catch up on emails and track down a few invoices.  The father-in-law arrived Monday night to watch the dogs for the week.

2) Tuesday:  What, you say?  I was just on vacation last week and now we're back but we have a dog-sitter?  Why yes, Scott and I took off, after two nights in our own bed, to Tampa to catch a flight.  To Boston.  We thought we were being tricky when landing in Raleigh; there was another flight to Boston that had been delayed but was due to board at 6pm.  That would put us getting in two hours early.  Until it was delayed again 5 minutes after printing our new boarding passes.  Anyway, we got there.  At about 9:30 at night- so only 15 minutes earlier that we were originally supposed.  Oh yeah, and that was after switching back to our original flight.

We landed, got our rental car- which we upgraded from a Cruze to a Tahoe- and set off to Augusta, Maine.

3)  Wednesday:  It's 22 degrees out.  Snowy/sleeting/freezing rain.  We got to our hotel at approximately 1:45am.  Our alarms went of at 5am.  I was a happy, happy little girl.  Breakfast was slated at 7am at a hotel less than a mile away.  We were slightly late, since we forgot that we're in Maine and it snows, and you need to start your car and let it run/ scrape the windshield before leaving.

Sorry, brother!  (You can see my mom and middle brother peering through the window)

At approximately 7:15am, we walked into the Senator Inn in Augusta.  Unfortunately, I didn't check my phone and my brother was getting his breakfast, talking to people.  I thought he had saw me while he was talking to them, I didn't think I could sneak around.  So I said "Hello Governor!*" he apparently didn't realize it was me so I would have been safe.  Anyway, I apologized for interrupting and introduced myself to the people he was talking to.  We got back and sat down and answered a bunch of questions.  Apparently the ENTIRE town knew that we were coming up, but they managed to keep quiet for him.
Governor Lepage swears in the 127th Maine State Legislature.  Augusta, Maine December 4, 2014
Governor Lepage swearing in the 127th Maine Legislature.

We watched him get sworn into the 127th Maine State Legislature, had some lunch (without him- they sent him right to work), then said goodbye to him and my parents.  The weather was better than it was coming into the state, but we headed back down to Boston for the evening.  A very long day, but well worth it.

4) Thursday: We boarded our flight from Boston to Cincinnati at 5:40am.  Another short night of sleep.  I seriously debated how bad it would be to miss our flight.  By 11:30am we were back to our truck in Tampa.  Back to 80 degree weather, and it never felt more glorious.  I snoozed in the truck for most of the drive, while Scott worked and made phone calls.  We stayed in Ocala last night, for him to work down here some more.

5) Friday!!:  Tonight, we have a company Christmas party in Orlando.  We'll stay down there tonight, but early tomorrow morning, we're hi-tailing it back to Tallahassee to see our bears.  And his dad, of course.  We have a full weekend planned of decorating for Christmas, which we have failed to do so far.

It's going to be hard going back to work on Monday, but after pretty much two weeks of being away, it'll be nice to be back to normal.  At least I only have two weeks of work left until we (I) get another week or so off!!

Happy Friday ya'll!  I'm linking up with September Farm and A. Liz Adventures!

*Also, my brother is not Governor of the great state of Maine.  Yet.  But since he decided to run for Legislature, I have been calling him Govern-ah.  :)


  1. Bill Hooper11:18:00 AM

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. You're welcome! Glad you tuned in for SIX hours!!!

  3. Kristen M12:29:00 PM

    Wow!! What a whirlwind of a week (and weather)! Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. Yes, yes it was! I think the weather got to me more than the constant travel!

  5. Biana Perez4:27:00 PM

    Girl you left Boston just in's going to be cold and rainy here this weekend!! Have so much fun at the Holiday party!!

  6. It was apparently 70-80 degrees all last week here in Florida. We get back and the highs are... still better than New England... but only around 50s-60s!


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