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When a Vacation isn't a Vacation

Do you have a list of places that you would never want to visit?  My list is a lot more focused than the list of places I want to visit.  Plus, I live in Florida which is pretty much everyone's travel destination.  For instance, I want to visit Alaska, England, and Italy;  I don't want to visit Miami.  When I first saw this prompt for NaBloPoMo, it's what really got me encouraged to do this.  Ideally, I would have written the post last night to schedule today.  But the time change is seriously screwing with me.

In an effort to join in on Oh Hey, Friday! and 5 on Friday, I'm picking 5 places that people always want to vacation.  That I stay far away from- at least during the summer time.

Panama City Beach, FL- WOW.  This was (and is) the place to be for Spring Break.  It was glorious in 2007 when my 3 girlfriends and I made the drive with the sole purpose of drinking way too much.  Scott and I went to one of the public beaches during Spring Break time this year- and I'll admit, it was kind of hilarious people watching.  We were laying out and heard these two (clearly) underage boys discuss if they could get arrested or not if they weren't holding a beer.  Here's a tip.  Putting it at your feet while you play catch probably isn't the best way to "not hold a beer."  PCB is fun for us after Labor Day.  Pretty much the entire summer it's crazy and all the public beach access really makes it... not at all relaxing to lay out.  We found a way around this and purchased a Florida State Parks pass for the year.  Apparently $3-$5 is all it takes to keep the riff-raff out, because we can go to a state beach and it's all but deserted.

Beers at 9am? It's Spring break.

Miami, FL-  I'll be honest.  I've never been here.  My only intention on visiting, is passing through while on my way to the Keys.  I don't know what it is about Miami, but I get a little anxiety even thinking about visiting.  Vacations to me are supposed to be relaxing, and I just feel like there's too much going on there, all the time.  It may be that I've seen too many episodes of South Beach Tow.

Orlando, FL- Do you see a theme here?  We lived in Orlando area for all of 8 months.  Kissimmee to be exact.  We never went to Disney World, but we did wind up at Universal Studios often.  We decided a year pass for each of us, with Scott's having the next level up for free parking was the way to go.  Margaritaville is where I first found the License to Chill margarita that I've been in love with ever since.  Tip: Don't drink two of these over a quick lunch and then head to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter-  you make fun of adults in capes.  Loudly.  Anyway, from Kissimmee to Universal, it would take every bit of an hour.  I-4 is HORRENDOUS.  On top of that, there are people. Everywhere. (Both in Universal and Orlando in general).  Also, it's humid and hot, even in the "dead" of winter.  I first moved down on October 1- by Thanksgiving time, I had totally forgotten that it was November because it was still in the 80s and humid.  This is where I found out that I like seasons.
But, I did get to meet The Grinch!
Atlanta, GA- I will visit Atlanta.  In fact some of our really good friends live up there, including 2 of the 4 girls you saw in the top picture.  But it's not a vacation destination.  Kind of the same as Miami- there's too much going on.  Really the only city that I would consider it a vacation to visit is Boston, and that's because of all the historical aspects that Scott and I would enjoy.  We generally stop in Atlanta on our way up to Tennessee.  Or when the Red Sox are in town.  Every five years.
You can see who the sports fan is...
Portland, ME- The only one north of the Mason Dixon to make my list of places not to vacation.  Here's the deal...  I encourage everyone to visit Maine; it really is one of the most gorgeous places in the country.  But don't stop at southern Maine. Like Tennessee and Florida, the state is almost divided.  Venture past Portland into Bar Harbor and go to Acadia National Park.  But go further Downeast than that.  My little home town is the site of the first Naval battle of the American Revolution.  The freshest lobster, clams, and scallops you will ever eat are here.  If you know the right person, or you ask the right person, you can drive straight to the docks to pick your lobster up.  Helen's Restaurant (which burned down a week after I was up there, but they're rebuilding- yay!) has the best Blueberry Pie in the country, according to ... some magazine a few years ago.  Are you going to have a fancy hotel room to stay in? No.  There are a couple though, and inns.  And my favorite: camps.  These camps are actually cabins- and they are all over the lakes in downeast Maine.  We rent one for a week for about $700- better than any hotel, especially since we can have 3 large dogs there (who LOVE swimming in the lakes).
Little Lady's first time swimming. 
This is why we choose camps over bed & breakfasts or inns.

Clearly I need to develop another post or two on where to visit in Maine, and how to do it.  But for today, these are my top five destinations that people love to vacation-- just not me.


  1. kissimmee is where disney world is right? I can see why you would want to stay away, but I don't think I would! hah

  2. Yes, and it is complete hell :-p We actually lived there for 8 months or so and never went to Disney; it's SO expensive and we both really don't do many rides.

  3. yeah, I think living there and owning a year pass would mean having to go at least once a week to really make it worth it.. [I worked for BHN Orlando CS so I can sort of picture it on a map, haha]


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