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What to do about Writer's Block?

Have you ever had extended writer's block?  It's pretty much the story of my life.  I've had two or three failed attempts at blogs before.  Even this one got off to a rocky start.  See, I'd have all kinds of ideas of things to write about.  Then, when it came time to actually write, I would get super self-conscious about what I was writing.  It would take me days of writing and editing before I was satisfied.

Then, I would get burnt out about all the time that I was spending not writing about all the ideas that were floating around in my head.  Last, I would forget all of the ideas that I had to write about.  That was closely coupled with my ability to get side-tracked by.  Everything.

Around the middle of October I decided to be proactive.  I was posting every day for Blogtober, and I was actively participating in the blogging community.  And, I saw the results.  I gained followers, comments, and just all-around traffic.  I started thinking about what I would do once October was over, and I was going back to posting whenever.  I knew that I would have to develop some sort of schedule.

First off, I found a pdf for a blog planner from Everyday Enchanting that was free to print.  I added pages and switched the layout around so it would work for me.  Then, I paid the $40 to have it printed and bound at Office Depot.  While I was there I also picked up some fancy pens and some post-its.  I figure I'd pay $40 for a day planner anyway, so I'd make it blog-specific and add any important dates or appointments as they come up.

Next, I keep a running list of neat blog ideas.  I drive two hours to and from work everyday.  That's a lot of time to think up new things.  I use Siri to record anything I think of while I'm driving.  Ultimately, all of the ideas I come up with wind up in the random pages of my blog planner.  I space them out on the weekly pages so they just randomly pop out at me.

I clearly like to participate in things such and Blogtober and NaBloPoMo as well.  I explained how this is beneficial when I talked about finding my voice.  I find that I do better when I have a planned topic to write about.  As I said in the prior post, it gives me a chance to not focus so much and pick apart each post.  I try real hard now to proofread my entries, but not to harp on how long or wordy it is.

Last, I keep a list of regular link parties in my Outlook calendar.  Reminders go off pretty much every day, and most of the time I ignore them.  But, if I don't have anything planned for Friday, and I see the reminder go off for Five on Friday, I can create a post based on that.

So these are my ideas on combating writer's block.  So far it's been working out well for me, though that could change if a heard of butterflies come flitting by.  Then I will get side tracked and you may not hear from me for a couple weeks.


  1. I know the feeling, I would rather not post than post something random, and I think that's actually worse?

  2. Yeah I'm the same way. I feel the posts that I post, just to… post… aren't nearly as good or worth reading. But I still feel pretty proud of myself for trying to work it in on a busy day.


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