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#ThankfulThursday on a Sunday: Gold Rush

With NaBloPoMo taking effect, I'm moving some things around... It's that time of year that everyone tries to become a little more thankful.  At least, the time of year that they tend to broadcast what they're thankful for on various forms of social media.  I'm no different in that regard, so I thought every Thursday of November I'm going to post a random -something- I'm thankful for.  The twist is that I'm sarcastic and not very serious, so be prepared for no posts about family, friends, and dogs.  Maybe a little about the dogs.  But NaBloPoMo.  So instead of Thursday, it's going to be on Sundays, which is a free write day for the program. Even though I missed the first Sunday... the number of Sundays and Thursdays are the same.  And that's not the point of being thankful!


I'm going to kick things off with, perhaps, the most random of them all.  I'm thankful for Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel.  I'm pretty sure this single show fueled our interest in Alaska. It has brought on a DVR full of Buying Alaska, Alaska: The Last Frontier, and Edge of Alaska.

Though we definitely intend on vacationing there eventually, we have entertained the thought of moving there.  Scott decided he could do this earlier on than I did.  But, after binge-watching Gold Rush on Netflix, I saw something that I haven't seen in a long time, especially not in Florida.  A 19 old boy who has been working for his family for years.  Kudos little Parker Schnabel, your work ethic is like none other.  I attribute that to your upbringing, which is akin to the my own that I received in Maine.  I don't see it as much in Maine anymore.  So that leaves Alaska.  I couldn't imagine a better raising for a kid, than being able to help their dad at work, hunting, fishing, and just being outside.


The show also made me realize, that while some towns are quite remote and some cut off from civilization some months out of the year, Alaska as a whole is not.  There are plenty of little towns that can function.  The best part is, even the larger cities are still small.

Everything is so pretty up there.  First we had talked about taking a cruise to see it all.  But decided that it would be more "us" to fly in, and drive around.  We both like to explore, and he likes to drive.  I like to ride and chatter.  When we do visit, we're sure to see things that most wouldn't think to check out.


Last, but still kind of related, Gold Rush shows that the American dream is still alive- you just have to work at it.  Okay, so that's basically the same thing as my other point.

Yes, the show is filled with drama, most of which is due to how the producers edit the footage.  It wouldn't be entertaining otherwise.  But it also has something for everyone- I watch it probably more so for the drama.  And because Tony Beets is bad ass.  Scott watches it a lot because of the equipment.  That, and they showed part of a Ritchie Brothers auction one time.  He likes to spout out his knowledge on the equipment, and I like to see sparkly nuggets of gold, so it works out.


So today, and every Friday, I'm thankful for Gold Rush on Discovery.  And Last Man Standing on ABC is the perfect lead-up to it!


  1. I've never watched gold rush, I should check it out!

  2. Ahhh I love it. There are older episodes on I think.


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