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Sunday Thankfuls, round 2

Last week I described just why exactly I <3 Gold Rush.  This week is going to be a little more... normal?  I am thankful everyday for little miss Rylee Delilah.
Baby Delilah Pants, getting ready for her first trip to see snow.
See, I (we) love all of our dogs.  But it's definitely true that each dog favors one of us over the other, and as a result, we tend to favor one of them over the others.

I got Diesel about 4 years ago, and he is my dog.  He loves Scott, but sometimes tends to be scared around him.  I can't sleep well at night unless he's curled up tight at my knees.

Scott got Hunter about 7 years ago, before we had even met.  He trained him, and Hunter was constantly with him all the time.  It took him quite some time to warm up to me, and for the first few months that we lived together, Hunter made it known that I was on his side of the bed.

Little Miss Pants joined the heard 2 years ago.  She was our dog.  It was clear from day one that she was going to take over as queen- she rode from Knoxville to Johnson City in Scott's lap.  She rode from Johnson City to Tallahassee in the same spot.  When we got back down here with her, he had the flexibility to be home with her a good part of the day.  He'd bring me to work every now and then, and she would join.  He always enjoyed all of the extra attention from the college girls, because he had such a cute, fuzzy puppy.
From day 1, she's been "Daddy's Little Girl"
Over the past couple years, something strange has happened.  Diesel is still my dog, but I have acquired another little boy as well: Hunter.  I'm the first person he's shown any actual affection toward- he loves to snuggle with me and give kisses.  But as soon as Scott's around, he tries to act all tough.  To the point, that Scott's dad has even noticed how much of a "momma's boy" Hunter's became, during one of his visits.  Sometime while Hunter was becoming mine, Rylee was making her place known with Scott.

Look close and you can see two little boy bear heads laying on me.
This is life.  EVERY NIGHT.
She follows him around the house, gets picked up (in all her 90+ pound glory) every day when Scott comes home, and plants herself firmly between us at night.  She's a little spitfire/hellion/troll.  She holds her own with the two boys, and has since the day we brought her home.  She's got the whole "I'm gonna terrorize the piss out of my brothers but don't you look at them wrong or I'll F you up" attitude down.

I'm not sure if Hunter kind of became "mine" because of Rylee taking over, or if he was on the verge of favoring me anyway.  But either way, I'm thankful for the little beast because a) Scott still gets a dog, and b) Hunter can favor me all he wants.

Regardless of whose dog is who's, they all get spoiled rotten and have a pretty good life.  And that's all that really matters.

Check out more pictures of the bears over at The Life of Rylee.  I've been pretty terrible at updating lately, but there are two years of pictures from puppyhood (of Rylee) on up.

Hunter, Rylee, and Diesel


  1. Heather Hammel7:46:00 AM

    They are so freakin' cute!!! Audrey, the English Bulldog puppy, has turned into a hellion at the moment. She used to be shy and quiet and because of her big girl teeth coming in, she has been chewing everything including her big brother. It looks like that for the past month or so, she only has two baby teeth left but they just won't come out. I am beyond ready for the teething stage to be over lol.

  2. Hahah Rylee was less destructive during her teething phase than she is now in her "cranky because dad left her" phase!

  3. Biana Perez10:03:00 AM

    Oh my gosh they are adorable!! the photo with the pup and the treat on the nose - the look that he's giving you - too much!

  4. Thanks!! Hunter is the only one with the patience to do such a thing!


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