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Southern Comfort Zone

I am officially on vacation for the next 8 days.  We left Florida at about 6 last night, and made our way up to Northeast Tennessee.  Which is what I am thankful for today.

I moved to Johnson City when I was 19, but was only supposed to stay for two semesters- I was still technically a student at UMaine but was on an in country exchange program.  The spring semester at ETSU is when I met my four best friends.  We all lived in the same dorm, that has since been torn down.  Long story short, I decided I didn't want to leave for the summer, and transferred to ETSU full time.

I try to explain that I was raised in Maine, but I grew up in Tennessee.  That first time being out on my own, and so far from everything that I was used to.  My first summer here, remains one of my favorites.  I met some of the best people, and it was really the only time in my life that I wasn't completely antisocial.  I mean that in a good way and I reverted fairly quickly once I moved out of Campus Ridge behind campus.

Anyway, I worked and went to school full time.  Not only did I meet my best friends here, but I eventually met my husband here as well.  Which is kind of funny, because he's actually  from Florida- I like to say, close to the other end of Route 1.

After graduating college, and Scott completing his Masters, we moved down to Orlando.  Thank GOD we were only down there a few months before moving to the panhandle.  It's a (somewhat) happy medium between Orlando and Tennessee.  We both agree we could easily move back here, if there was more of a job market.

We are both thankful that most of his family still lives here, so it gives us ample opportunity to come visit.  This week may be pretty slow when it comes to blogging, because we'll be out  doing things.  I'm going to try super hard though, to take some pictures and post about the trip next week.  At least the parts that don't revolve around eating turkey.


  1. Stefannnn10:50:00 PM

    I may be a month and a half... But, I'm pretty sure you forgot about me. I obviously deserve my own paragraph. Geeez. =( Lol

  2. hahaha poooor Stefans! You probably dooooo


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