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On being Envious of Other Bloggers

It's a natural part of humanity to have a little bit of envy for others.  They may have the clothes, the lifestyle, the home, or the car that we want.  A little bit of envy never hurt anyone- it gives you goals to work toward.

My latest foray into the blogging world started when we bought our house.  For a year and a half I have been looking at gorgeous rooms decorated on a shoe string budget.  We still have a total of 3 pictures hung in the entire house.  For a while after we bought the house (and consequently when I first started the Bear Den), I was gung ho on making my house look like these houses...

From Our Vintage Home Love
From Decor and the Dog

It about drove me crazy.  Then I realized something.  We have three large dogs, who are the true owners of this house.  Case in point:  we bought a rug from Ikea in May.  The puppy gets angry when Scott leaves overnight for work sometimes.  She was doing really well at being left out of her crate during the day, so we leave her out one day when he was leaving.  I came home to all four corners of that rug nibbled on.  In all reality you can't really tell.  But, aside from that, all the spots that started out as white or cream... isn't now-  the dogs like to lay on the rug, and we prefer that to the couches (though they have free reign of those, too).  Again you can't tell until you move the coffee table and see just how white it was.  But, these are things that are going to happen when you have dogs.  I couldn't imagine if we got a bigger/ more expensive rug and these things happened.  Especially when it is getting to the point where we need to purchase new couches.

Which brings us to the next problem of me emulating these houses.  We have a large house, and we still don't have the furniture to fill it.  Seriously, the breakfast nook off the kitchen has a chair in it.  With an ottoman that Hunter pushes up against the window so he can look outside in comfort all day.  Scott and I enjoy going to estate auctions, and sometimes I can convince him to go to a yard sale or two.  As such, we have acquired a couple different pieces of furniture that I've redone.  They are functional and they've turned out really well.  But, they're throughout the house, which makes it so if/when I decide how to decorate, I'll probably have to redo them again.  That's not a big deal for me because it's fun.

On the same note, we kind of like quality items.  He would rather save up for that $3000 Pottery Barn couch- I think he forgets we will also need the love seat- and I agree.  But then we get sidetracked with other things we need or want.  For instance, we have lumber out in our garage to build a console table and an end table.  But, we decided we need a new fancy miter saw (and stand) in order to do.  Overall, the cost of the saw and lumber is still WAY cheaper than what we could purchase.  Plus it will be better quality.  Anyway, the point is that it is going to take more time to get this place up to the standards I see in these pictures.

I just need to keep telling myself that's okay.  And continue to peruse these pretty blogs, stock piling ideas for when it does all come together.


  1. Heather Hammel6:05:00 AM

    I can totally relate to you on this. I've had my house since March and I also have three dogs that are large. I don't have a man but my younger sister and her two small dogs live with me at the moment. I do not have any pictures hung up yet, I still have curtains to hang up, I still have furniture and decor to buy but have decided to use money on other things. I do agree that the dogs are the true owners of the house. I even turned my basement into the dog room for my dogs for when we are gone for long hours during the day. When my male is bored or hungry or anything, he gets destructive. So at least he is destroying their rug in the basement instead of the one upstairs but you can definitely tell dogs live in my house. I have lots of baby gates for them in my house as well. And of course there are dog toys and dog hair EVERYWHERE lol.

  2. Hahah ohhh the dog hair. I thought wood floors would be great. But there's little tufts of dog fur just blowing along the floor like a tumbleweed. And the floors are all scratched up. Oh, and they insist on taking a mouthful of water and spitting it all over the section of floor I've just mopped. Which has all but made me give up on mopping :)

  3. Biana Perez11:58:00 AM

    I totally understand where you're coming from!! I think the invention of pinterest and blogging have really put a damper on reality!! I think you have the right frame of mind and just doing a little at a time until you feel 100% happy with how your home looks!! :)

  4. Yes, it's just the getting to the 100% happy with the house that takes a toll :)

  5. Heather Hammel12:53:00 PM

    Same here! I have wood floors as well and I was so happy to have them at first.

  6. Honestly my favorite houses to visit are the ones that actually looked lived in. We have a bunch of mismatching shit everywhere, random things on the walls, but when you walk into our house I think you get a really good idea of who we are and I like that.

  7. I agree! I think once we have furniture to fill the house (whether I make it or we break down and buy), the other stuff will come. There's still many boxes that haven't even been unpacked. In all reality- if I haven't seen or missed the items in a year and a half, it may just be time to throw the shit out... but then I may NEED that accounting text book from sophomore year of college... and all the homework that went with it...

  8. It is okay! I'm very intimidating by such lovely homes that are decorating so well. We don't own yet, but when we finally do buy.... I may have to stop reading some blogs! For my own well being. I have two dogs and cat, I'm feeling you haha!

  9. It's a double edged sword because there is so much great stuff out there. But then you want it. ALL!


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