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NaBloPoMo what?!?

I was reading one of the new blogs that I follow thanks to Helene and Tay's Blogtober14 event.  I'm kind of bummed that I didn't get to finish it out due to the fact that I'm a pansy.  But then I found out about NoBloPoMo just in time.  Blogher is hosting this for the entire month of November, and I've printed out the prompts.  I did this yesterday, and then I missed posting yesterday.  But that's okay because I had NO idea what I would post about.  So in an effort to hone my bloggin' skills and to "find my voice,"  I shall participate in NoBloPoMo!

What is you favorite holiday memory? 

Two instantly came to mind.  Christmastime about 20 years apart.  My most favorite and longest memory was of Christmas when I was about 4 or 5 years old. That year, my dad did something that I don't think he'd ever done, and to my knowledge, hasn't done since.  He picked out a Christmas present for me, and went and bought it.  It was this:

Did anyone else have an Oopsie Daisy?!?  I had wanted one soooo bad, but it was rather pricey, though not the $90 it's selling for on eBay now.  I played with only this toy for about a week.  At which time, my older brother(s) decided Oopsie Daisy needed to go.  So they took the head off.  Dad was pissed.  As was I. Even still, most favorite gift EVAR.

Fast forward to Christmas 2012- a little more recent so I can remember the year.  Probably also because this was the first Christmas I had been home in a while.   It was my niece's first Christmas, and the first time I was meeting her.  The first time Scott would meet the entire extended family- I mean great-aunts and uncles, people!  It was also little Rylee's  first time playing in snow, and it snowed a lot.  Though it had just started when I took this...

We could hardly button her little coat, she was growing so fast

Oh, and I got engaged... here is the official story, from our wedding website over 402 days ago:
I had decided earlier in the year that I wanted to go home to Maine for Christmas.  It was my niece's first Christmas, and I hadn't been home for the wintertime in a couple of years.  Surprisingly, it didn't take much convincing for Scott to go along with it.  So we packed up the F250 with 3 dogs, and a week's worth of (winter) clothing and headed north.  Apparently that entire time there was a pretty ring hidden in the center console, wrapped in a koozie, under some nasty beef jerky.
The day of the 24th as I was playing with my mom and William, Scott "went outside to get a soda" and scurried up to my dad's sawmill to have "the talk" with him.  Apparently that was a pretty quick conversation that ended with them talking more about the sawmill.  Now I know where I get the "quick and to the point" thing from.
That night when we returned to the camp we were staying at, Scott kept on trying to get me to go down the lawn to check out the frozen lake.  I kept on resisting because 1) it was cold. 2) I had heels on (they were boots).  3) I didn't want the dogs accidentally jumping down on to the semi frozen lake.  Finally I layered up a bunch of clothes and we put Diesel in the house (the one most likely to head for the lake.)
We were down there for all of 3 minutes and I was still cold, and the two dogs kept on getting closer and closer to the edge of the lake.  So I turned around to walk back up to the camp, apparently Scott didn't see me dart.  About half way up, I hear him say, "Hey! Hey Monkey!" So I turned around and he was right behind me on one knee.
Such a sweet boy he was!

So there you have it! A couple reasons why Christmas is by far my most favorite time of the year!  Off to bid on some Oopsie Daisy's...

Just because, after a year of marriage and over two years since this particular Christmas
I still like showing off the rock.


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