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NaBloPoMo Fail

I think that I have officially failed at NaBloPoMo.  It's been a busy week at work and really, the prompts haven't interested me.  I think it counts for something though, to still post every couple days or so.  Plus.... I needed to give the family time to see my Christmas list.

Anyway, it's Five on Friday: Googling Nonsense edition.

1.  "FSU Shooting"- This isn't really a "Google" but, I have been continuously checking the news for updates.  Because.....
Guess where I work...
 2.  "Zentangle"-  I saw an instagram from Decor and the Dog.  I had no idea what it was, but it's kinda neat and totally geared toward people like me who like to doodle.  On everything.

3.  "McCarthy, Alaska"-  This is the tiny town that is featured on Edge of Alaska on Discovery.  We've been watching, and every episode, there's a reference to a "tragic event" that happened there in the 80s.  So I Googled and found articles about a guy that murdered 6 of the 20-some year-round residents.  To "stop McCarthy from growing" or something.  Wow this is turning into a morbid post!!

4.  "The Carrie Diaries"-  I love Sex and the City, and I needed something new to watch on Netflix.  It's only got  a couple seasons so it's easy to binge watch.  But I Googled to see when/if season 3 was going to start up.  Spoiler: it's not.  So many loose ends!

5.  "Walking Dead Recap"- I watched prior seasons with Scott, because he'd watch it in the bedroom while I was trying to go to sleep.  Finally when the new season started, he started watching it in the living room, allowing me to go to sleep instead of staying up and watching.  Now I don't care to watch it, but will Google the recaps every week.  I like reading more than watching TV anyway.

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