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My Happy Place

Carver's Gap on the North Carolina / Tennessee State Line.  Part of the Appalachian Trail

Two days in a row now, we have been up to Roan Mountain, Tennessee for a little hike.  Day one was Scott and I and after seeing some pictures, his dad decided to join us today.  Along with two of the bears.  We have forgotten how different hiking in the mountains is compared to "hiking" on paved trails in Florida.

Carver's Gap is right on the North Carolina/Tennessee border.  The state uses mowers, hand whackers, and cows and sheep to maintain the balds.  It is also part of the Appalachian Trail, and pretty popular for day hikes, so you may see a lot of people… Or maybe not.

Roan Mountain/ Appalachian Trail on the Tennessee - North Carolina border
This was taken with the iPhone 6.  Impressed?
After the hike, I swung by the Welcome Center to get my Tennessee State Parks Passport. I already have Maine, Florida, and National Parks passports, because I'm slightly crazy.  We also took the opportunity to have a little photo shoot with father-in-law's new Corvette Stingray. 

Corvette Stingray on Roan Mountain at Roan Mountain State Park in Tennessee

I hear we left some pretty crappy weather in the panhandle.  You can see how heartbroken about that I am!  I am also enjoying the lightening-fast internet at my in-laws' house- I realize how bad our country internet is, but it really really makes a difference when importing pictures!!

Now in honor of my being in Northeast Tennessee/ Johnson City.  I shall share Old Crowe Medicine Show's Wagon Wheel!

"Because I'm a-headed west from the Cumberland Gap.  To Johnson City, Tennessee…."

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