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Happy Hallowe'en!

So I completely missed the end of #Blogtober14.  It was unintentional, starting with the conference I was at during the beginning of the week.  Seriously, I was formulating a post about my superstitions on my iPhone on Mondayish.  I love that Blogger has an app, but for whatever reason the iPhone app is different from the iPad app, and it wouldn't transfer between the two.  Excuses, I know.

After that minor set back, something else happened.  I got back from the conference on Tuesday, and by Tuesday evening was miserable.  My ear was bothering me all day long, and when I got home it just got worse.  I made it all of 4 hours at work on Wednesday, then went to the doctor.  I really need to stop using urgent cares- the ones in Florida are not as… good… as the ones in Tennessee.

Anyway, I was out of work Thursday and today.  This afternoon I have just started finally feeling a little better.  But it comes and goes.  For instance- I'm good when I'm about 4 hours in to an 800mg dose of ibuprofen.  I'm bad at 7 hours in.  I am literally watching the clock until it gets to that 8 hour mark so I can take more.  The pressure in my ear canal is driving me crazy- I bit into a piece of bacon and cried because it hurt to chew.  Those handy little gummy vitamins that I like SO much better than the nasty pills?  I can only half chew them before swallowing.

It's really quite pathetic.  Scott has been keeping a close eye on me and brought me home some pudding and jello on his way back from work.  Since I've had nothing but rice and potato for two days.  I've had 3 dogs that have also kept me company.  I think they just like all the layin' around time they've been getting.

Anyway, that is my excuse as to why I had to end Blogtober early.  On the upside, I'm probably going to keep those prompts to use for other blog posts.

I was going to find some nice halloween costumes to post, but nothing really piqued my interest short of this:
Seriously- A little baby SCUBA diver!

Harry Potter fans, be sure to run over and check out Pottermore!  They've released just about all of book 5 with some interesting new facts from JK Rowling herself.  Or maybe save that for a time when you're laying in bed, screaming in pain…

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