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Fears... #Blogtober14 Day 20

Today's prompt is "your biggest fear."  What could that be?  A death of family, friends, or loved ones?  That's a given, and it sucks.  But you get through it.  Zombie Apocalypse?  Maybe, if you're not prepared, but given my "secret" on Saturday, I'm pretty sure I could hold my own!  My biggest fear is the one that I have to deal with day-to-day in Florida.


First, I was going to say snakes; we've seen a couple cotton-mouths at the end of our drive way.  The front of our property floods a little bit when it rains.  We know they're out there.  But they stay out in the woods (for the most part) and as long as we don't see 'em, we live in harmony.

Then I thought, are frogs a reptile?  I'm qualifying it because they're green and slimy.  Those creepy ass little tree frogs that everyone thinks are cute.  They're not.  They lurk in the doorways and wait for me to walk by to attack me.  They can be looking straight ahead and decide to hop sideways.  Scott found a dead one in my car.  Where I drive barefoot.  I'm still creeped out.  We've had two or three manage to get into our house in Tallahassee.  When I was by myself.  Ugh.  Don't even get me started on toads and bigger frogs- we have to be careful because the littlest bear in particular, likes to pounce on them in the yard.

Finally... Lizards.  Again, the small green ones that everyone thinks are fun.  Again, they're not.  Especially when they somehow get into your house and you almost suck them up in the vacuum.  I say almost, because they fly off the curtain and scurry across the floor.  With three dogs follow.  Again, the littlest bear likes to play Godzilla.  So much so that she smooshed one out on the lawn.  Thankfully, Scott was here to clean up that mess.  Monster.

So basically, anything cold-blooded I have a fear of.  Scott likes to torment me and act like he's caught a frog to throw on me.  I run to the bedroom and hop into bed with at least two dogs.  There's no way he'd let one go in there, with the mess that would soon follow.

Oh, I also need to add scorpions.  We've had two in the house that I know for sure.  The first one when we moved in, Scott killed while I was already in bed, exhausted from moving.  I didn't think anything of it because it was in another room.  He killed it.  I didn't see it.  The last one however.  Was on the quilt, on our bed.  I was on our bed, under the quilt, watching tv.  The oldest bear kept sniffing at something.  From the shadow of the tv it looked like a thread loose on the quilt.  But he wouldn't leave it alone.  I turned it on and FLIPPED OUT.  Oh, Scott was out of town.  And it was the last time he ever left his phone in the room again.  He had about 14 missed calls from me back-to-back-to-back...  He thought someone broke in and did not think a tiny scorpion warranted such a freak out.  Boys.

Need wine now.
Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. I guess that's one of the perks of living in a plantation! My Sister in law found a bunch of weird animals in her house, including a couple of scorpions, so she got a cat to get rid of any unwanted visitors!

  2. Gah our dogs try hard to "get rid" of unwanted visitors. They've almost gotten a hold of 2 different armadillos. And yesterday when I let them out, there was a deer outside of the fence line that they thought they could chase....

  3. Carly @ Musings of a Wanderer2:06:00 PM

    OMG! I have a huge fear of lizards. One was trapped in my apartment above my bed and I started crying and spent the night at my parents house. (Im 22 btw) lol

  4. Gah I can't stand them. But as much as I don't like them, I don't really want to see them die via 100 lb rottweiler, either! Or more so, I don't want to have to clean up any remains...

  5. I hate scorpions!!! My mom got attacked by two one summer and they're so creepy!!!!!!!

  6. They creep me out! I didn't even know they existed in this part of the country but they are not pleasing!


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