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Expert? Not really. #Blogtober14 Day 17

I'm an expert and the most useless things.  Lets explore...

I'm an expert at:

  •  Sleeping the majority of a 26 hour car ride.  And by majority, I mean 26 hours.
  • Which means I'm also an expert at letting my husband drive and being the crappiest copilot ever.
  • Wrangling 3 large dogs into the house when UPS or Fedex arrives.
  • Driving my husband insane.
  • Hopping onto the counter to get the things on the top shelves.
  • Cleaning dishes and leaving them on the counter. It's apart of driving my husband insane.
  • Ignoring how dirty my floors are.  And everything else for that matter.
  • Sleeping on my wet hair, making it look AWESOME for work the next morning.
  • Completely ignoring everyone and thing around me to read.
  • Wasting time waiting for pictures to upload.  Damn Century Link!
  • Cleaning up dog throw up or pooh, since I'm the only one who can handle it.
  • Sleeping while it's dark out, no matter how early it gets dark or how late it stays dark.
  • Finding all of my dog's hiding places for her toys.
  • Spooning a 100 lb rottweiler who farts.
What are you an expert at?
Okay, so maybe we're both good at the last one...
Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. I can relate to some of those, I leave just the right amount of clean dishes out, there's no need to putting them away if we're just going to take them back out in 4-5 hours!.

  2. Omg your dog is massive! Great list, I have to say I am also pretty good at sleeping on just washed hair - I never learn It's not a good idea! Have a good Friday :)

  3. it drives my husband crazy. It's one of his number 1 pet peeves. But I don't see him putting them away, either! :)

  4. Hehe he is a big boy. And the little girl that's snuggled into the husband is also quite large. They both thing that they're lap dogs.

  5. WOW, your dog is HUGE!!!

    I wish I could sleep that long in a car. I can maybe do two or four at the most. I'm really good at ignoring people when I'm reading too, it works well!

  6. Haha I'll stay awake for the first little bit, but once I fall asleep once, I can only stay awake for MAYBE an hour or so at a time. Which makes it so I feel pretty good by the time we get to our destination. Husband however, immediately needs a nap!

  7. If there's ever a sleeping marathon, I'm sure I'll win it. I'm a deep sleeper. I can sleep through practically anything and everything. And the part about ignoring how dirty my surroundings are.. oh, I don't think it'll ever change. Like really. :D

  8. Hah! I'm a light sleeper but i can sleep for long periods at a time!


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