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#Blogtober14: Photo editing

This is going to be a quick post.  One because I'm fairly certain most everybody uses PicMonkey and Lightroom for photo editing on the computer.  And then of course we all have our favorite Instagram filters.  Two, because I'm getting a wee bit burnt out!

I have been lacking in comments this week, so today I'd like to focus more on what I've missed the past couple of days. 

Also, if anyone has any actual tips for Lightroom, please feel free to share because I can only barely use it, and I know it has the potential to do some great stuff!

Happy Thursday!!!

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. Lightroom is awesome :)

    By the way I've nominated you for an award - go check out my blog :D

  2. Aww! My first award EVAR! For my blog at least! :) Thank you!!!!

  3. I've never used Lightroom, post some tips once you've gotten a hang of it!

  4. I will, if I ever feel like that day comes! I literally just click around until I like the picture. Or until I get frustrated and say "screw it, that's good enough"


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