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#Blogtober14: Pet Peeves

Otherwise known as the one where I bitch about Facebook and then go check my Facebook.  Seriously, aside from slow drivers in the left lane any pet peeve that I can think of off the top of my head stems from good ole FB.

Facebook was meant to share things with "friends."  To keep in touch with family, high school classmates and that guy you hooked up with on spring break.*  It comes in handy for keeping tabs on your old significant other, significant others of significant others, and well.   Current spouses.  However, it is a terrible,  terrible breeding ground of negativity and selfishness.

The types of posts that make me cranky:

The "I'm better than you because I got impregnated by 3 different guys all before I turned 25 and I'm kind of taking care of the kids on my own now" post. Ya know. Mad props to you.  Personally, I'd maybe make sure things are double wrapped after the first unexpected pregnancy.  Especially after dealing with a dead beat daddy.  I can't imagine the things you have to deal with.  But don't trivialize other people's  issues just because they COULD keep it in their pants/ graduate (high school and/or college)/ decided to be able to support themselves before bringing a child into this world.  In all reality you're really not in a position to look down on anyone, especially someone that's doing all of the things that you wanted to do prior to getting knocked up.  Something about stones and glass houses.

The "OMG this person that I met once and friended died and I need to tag them in a sorrowful post so not only all of their REAL friends and family see that I'm sad too, but all of my other friends will feel sorry for me" post.  At 28 years old, I have lost one very close friend.  I can go through my Facebook friends and identify 3 or 4 others that have passed away.  We weren't close at the time that they passed away.  Its not my place to announce this death or any hearsay.  Nor to promote any such gossip.  In the case of my close friend that died, I still hold a little resentment toward those who ran their virtual mouths.  This kid's mother, brother, and sister are all grieving and on Facebook.  They don't need to see all the nonsense that you heard from your friend's cousin's sister about what happened.  And they certainly shouldn't have to take the time to clear up an misunderstandings that you caused  just because you wanted to be included.  Or wanted attention.  Or whatever possessed you to do such a crappy, crappy thing.  Send a card or something and leave them alone.

The "What would you do in this scenario" post.  Some of these can be fun, and some are asking legitimate questions.  Others are really just a public poll for the poster to see who's right and/or wrong in the situation.  And God forbid you tell the person posing the scenario that they are in fact, wrong.  You'll get lit into by them, their spouse, and 52 of their closest FB stalker friends who wouldn't have balls enough to speak to you in real life.

The "I love my husband/ wife/ boyfriend/girlfriend they're perfect" post.  As a general rule I have no problem with these.  I mean I love my husband and he will never be perfect.  However if the last post you posted before this was a scenario post (see above) or and a sad/dramatic lyric or saying that is clearly meant toward your significant other.  Get some Xanax and stop airing your wannabe tabloid fodder for others to see.

The "this post is about no one in particular but it totally is directed at you" post.  If you can't verbally say something to someone via phone or better yet, face to face, then you don't have any ground to make a snotty passive aggressive remark on Facebook.  And if you do,  please do us all a favor and tag the person you're talking about.  We want to be able to see all the drama- not just half.

Seriously these are just the 5 that have really irked me in the past, or that I've scrolled through my newsfeed and have irked me currently.

Happy less than double digits left in Blogtober!!!

*My friend's debauchery, not my own!

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. There are also some posts that get on my nerve, but I love the way you explained them!

    (catching up with past posts)

  2. Hahah! There are times where I think about turning off Facebook all together. But then I remember that I have no drama in my life, so it's kind of fun witnessing others'! :)


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