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#Blogtober14 Day 21: Dream Vacation

Wow 10 days left of Blogtober!  When thinking about what I'd do for a Dream Vacation, it's hard.  Scott and I explore locally a lot, but we don't go on many trips outside of the southeast let alone out of the country.  We are both homebodies and enjoy our house, our dogs, and our stuff.  Someday when funds and jobs allow, I would love to take a long trip to England, Ireland, and/or Australia.

However.  I have now been blogging for 2+ weeks straight (since I missed the beginning of the month).  I work full time, and have have some things going on there.  Scott is out of town all of this week for a sale, so now I am a single dog-mom as well.  After yesterday, I'm ready for Friday!

Happy Honeymoon delicious desert

Today, my dream vacation would be one I've already got to do.  Scott and I waited 6 months after our wedding to take our honeymoon, courtesy of the in-laws.  It was also a family vacation.  However, it was a 7 day cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel.  Oh, and we were in the Royal Suite on the Brilliance of the Seas.  There is only one on the ship
Guy Harvey has a store, and a restaurant in Grand Cayman.
I figured that since we gave him about $200 and almost bought a
$4000 watch (in my mind), he owed us a 'graph.

It was amazing and way over the top.  Aside from nightly drinks before dinner, we were up at 4 or 5 am to play basketball by ourselves.  We had a family dinner in our room, with the player piano as background music.  And out own butler.  While at port, we toured Jose Cuervo, we got to meet Guy Harvey, and I was this close to scoring a lady Tag Heuer/ Guy Harvey watch.

Family dinner in the Royal Suite

It was just all very relaxing; we got to enjoy family time and us time.  We ate. A lot.  And it all went by too fast.  The family would like to do another cruise, but I think we have them convinced that just another family vacation in general is a good idea.  Maybe out West in a nice big cabin?

I posted some pictures here, back in April, also, but here are more (iPhone, so AWESOME quality) of the room!

Top to bottom, Left to Right:
Sauna Shower, view from the Living room area, soaking tub,
player piano, wet bar, king size bed and room

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. That is a dream vacation, I've always wanted to go on a cruise and have yet to either visit cozumel..

    (catching up with past posts)

  2. Thanks! Cozumel was NOT that great But Grand Cayman was a blast :)


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