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#Blogtober14 Day 16: Costa Del Mar

Day 16 brings "Fall Fashion Favorite."  Aside from the riding boots that I have yet to wear being in North Florida, or the iced Chai's that I'm drinking from Starbucks since it's still too warm for hot ones... I would have to pick my new Costa KC sunglasses!

My husband has been a fan of Costa for a very, very long time.  He's got two or three pair.  Once he got his second pair, he gave me his old ones.  They are plastic and virtually indestructible.  Read: I can throw them in my bottomless pit of a purse and not damage them.  I'd had them for about 3 years now and the polarization is amazing.

I decided earlier this summer that I needed my own pair.  The things are expensive as hell and I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't really gung ho on paying that amount of money for a pair of sunglasses that I will surely break. But I needed them!  I had decided via the Costa website that I required the rose gold frames and green glass lenses.  The problem with that is that we couldn't find them in any store, and had to special order them through a local vendor.  It was probably 2 of the longest weeks of my life!

So far, I haven't scratched, dropped, or just generally broken them so YAY!  I have been careful to put them back in their case instead of dropping them straight in my purse, so now it's habit.  They are a smaller aviator than most, which fit my face better.  Also, the "KC" stands for Kenny Chesney- this pair and a couple others were made as a part of his signature line!

So while it's not necessarily fall attire, a good pair of sunglasses are worth their weight in gold in Florida!  Elsewhere, I hear it is also sunny in the fall and winter so probably it's the best all-around fall fashion!

For the record, Costa did not sponsor this post.  I wish they had, though, because I would love a free pair of Costas.
Helene in Between Blogtober 


  1. Ooh these are gorgeous! A good pair of sunglasses is such a good investment - and I adore rose gold! Although where I live It's not warm anymore when it's sunny I still wear my sunglasses so they are an all year round piece of clothing! :)

  2. i really love the color! can't go wrong. and i have no idea how you floridians do it. i neeeed my seasons. minus winter of course.

  3. It's true. I couldn't believe when I was researching the lenses, all the different options Costa has. And each lense color/ polarization makes it so you can see better in a specific scenario. It's almost like having x-ray vision!

  4. Heheh thanks! I don't consider myself a Floridian and I can hardly stand it :) Even a little winter every now and then. It's SUCH a switch from Maine seasons (and winter! :) ) The 6 or 7 years in middle ground up in Tennessee is the ONLY reason I've adjusted so well. And I still can't deal with Central-south Florida! :)

  5. That is also the reason I haven't bought myself expensive glasses, I think I'll loose/break/scratch them.

  6. I have not treated something with such care in a long time!


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