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#Blogtober14 Day 15: Favorite Quotes

I had a post all set to publish today.  But then I changed my mind.  It is saved in the depths of my 'drafts' and may eventually be posted.  But not today.  To be honest, the post was more of a therapeutic exercise than one that probably needs to be seen by 5 or 6 people.  It was sad.  A sad situation, a sad memory, and just not something I care to let people see at this point in time.  Instead, the new #Blogtober14 post is going to be one of happiness.  Rather than quotes, I'm going to post some of my favorite song lyrics.  Be aware.  These are all random.  They are all country songs, most of which, from a time when country music was country.  Also, there are really no reasons as to why they're my favorite.  I just like them.  And this is my blog and I can post what I want!

"We fired our cannon 'til the barrel melted down/ So we grabbed an alligator and we fought another round/ We filled his head with cannon balls, and powdered his behind/ And then we touched the powder off, the gator lost his mind..."- Johnny Horton "The Battle of New Orleans"

"Hello Darlin'/ Nice to see you/ It's been a long time/ You're just as lovely/ As you used to be..." -Conway Twitty "Hello Darlin'"

 "If you ain't ever laced 'em up/ grabbed your gun and down hill through fire/ If you ain't ever faced a storm with the First Airborne when your soul was running tired/ If you ain't ever laid one down six foot in the ground and gave him one last salute/ Then sir I don't know you/ But I know you ain't ever worn these boots." -Walker McGuire "Worn These Boots"  Learn more about them here.

"Oh, how we cried the day you left us/ And gathered round your grave to grieve/ Wish I could see the angels’ faces/ When they hear your sweet voice sing"- Vince Gill "Go Rest High on That Mountain" Seriously, saddest thing ever was watching him sing this at George Jones' funeral and almost breaking down.

 "If the wife and I are fussin', brother that's our right/ 'Cause me and that sweet woman's got a license to fight."- Hank Williams "Mind Your Own Business" Also, YouTube "Tear in My Beer" to see Hank Sr and Jr sing together.  There's also an audio version that includes Hank III!  Yes. Dork. I know.

"He takes all his orders down one at time/ Don't need no pad or pen he's got a photogenic mind/ He don't like them young folks hangin' around/ He needs to let ya know we got a law in this town." -Kentucky Headhunders "Dumas Walker" My most favorite song when I was a kid- I had it on cassette and would make my dad listen to it incessantly with me.

Now I shall make you do the same! 

Happy Wednesday! 

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. Diana Buchanan11:15:00 AM

    love this! Sometimes songs have the BEST lyrics!

  2. When I was a kid, I'd look lyrics up on the internet constantly and print them out! I'd keep them for the instance that I needed "the perfect" away message on AIM!

  3. Looooove "Go Rest High on That Mountain"! The words were the only way to describe a specific loss in my life. I'll always think of someone special when I hear it.

  4. Hank Jr. is the worst but I looove me some Hank III (and it's crazy how much he looks like his grandfather).

  5. Haha III also sounds like Sr. Jr used to when he was a kid singing Sr's songs, but then he got tired of the comparison and all that nonsense did his own thing.

  6. I've heard it a lot recently on iTunes radio, but was never a big fan of Vince Gill. I think when I was watching a YouTube of George Jones' funeral was the first I'd heard it.

  7. I hadn't heard of some of these, but I too love taking verses from songs.

  8. I like "normal" quotes too, but classic/ older country music (before 2000) really do have some of the best sentiments. That don't always get heard any more :)

  9. In that case, I'll listen to them soon.

  10. I haven't heard any of these songs. But the lyrics are so catchy. I especially like the 5th lyrics. I think I'm gonna listen to these songs. Thanks! :)

  11. No problem! Love me some classic country music!


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