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#Blogtober14 Day 11: Presidential Candidate

Oh lord, talk about a loaded, loaded topic.  "If I Were President…"  This is going to be quick and quite vague.  I would hate to be president; the issues at hand that the current elected official has to deal with, I wouldn't wish on anybody, despite whether I agree with him or not.  For the record I do not.  Also, for the record, up until I got married and had to get a new driver's license, I was never even registered to vote.  The only reason why I am now is because I made the mistake of going with the husband to get the new license.

That being said, I don't care about politics.  This is the polar opposite of my brother, who is currently running for Maine State Legislature.  Furthermore, I am fairly self-centered- as a general rule, if it doesn't affect me, then I don't much care.  I know this is short-sighted, and detrimental to my kids' futures and all that stuff.  But, because I don't care, I'm not as informed on some issues that I should be.  Because I'm not informed (by my own choice, not because I don't know any better), I don't feel like I should vote.  I'm not going to vote for someone just because someone else told  me to.

All of this leads up to the prompt:  if I were President, I would give the job to someone (or people) who actually have a clue and the capability to run this country correctly.  While I identify mostly with the Republican views, I wouldn't say that a far-right-leaning representative is what this country needs.  It really needs a truly independent person that can see both/all points of view and have the balls enough to disagree with one side or the other based on the situation.

With all of the political fodder out of the way.  Something much more fun.  I decided today that I need to let ya'll know about the random things I Google throughout the day/week.  So be prepared; this will be my go-to series-type topic!
  • "Manhattan Love Story"-  This is a show I'd never heard of that just started playing on ABC.  I was watching it on Xfinity and the lead guy looked really familiar (aside from that he looks like my cousin-in-law- is that a thing?)  Turns out he was …what's his name Evan… on "Greek" on ABCFamily.  There's also nothing like someone being 19 days older than you to make yourself feel pretty crappy about all that you haven't accomplished.
  • "Derek Hough Age"- I'm a big fan of Duck Dynasty (I've mentioned previously how I like their wine- I may or may not have a Tervis mug full of it right now) and before learning that little Sadie Robertson was going to be on Dancing with the Stars, I'd never watched the show before.  This season has Alfonso Ribiero (CARLTON!!) on as well, and he's been consistently amazing throughout.  Back to the point-  Sadie's dancing next week with Derek Hough, and I was curious at his age.  29 by the way.
  • "Get Pebble"-  I heard about this watch on Big D & Bubba while driving into work.  It's like the Kindle Paperwhite version of what Apple's iWatch is going to be.  But, only $99 and free shipping.
  • "Ray Auction Florida"- We attended a storage unit auction on Sunday and recognized a guy there from the estate auction that we had gotten this hutch from, a year before.  Made me wonder what his deal is.
  • "Red Headed Actresses"- In preparation for day 26 of Blogtober

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. I love Manhattan Love Story! I'm a rom-com sucker and the fact that I get to watch a Love Story unfold over a few weeks is even better than all at once.

  2. I've watched the first couple on demand and I have a feeling that's the only way I'm going to catch it- Totally NOTHING that the husband would be interested in!


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