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#Blogtober14 and One Lovely Blog

I have mentioned a week or so ago, that I've started putting more time into my blog.  Though, this week it has been hard!  I've been busy with work and dog-momming so I haven't been commenting like I usually do.  I have also found that the link up seems to be getting smaller-  but that may just be because I've only checked it a couple times during the day.

Today's post is supposed to be "your favorite beauty product that you can't live without."  Right now, that would be sleep.  A) because I have not been sleeping well so that affects everything I do.  B) because I'm the worst female ever:
  • I rarely wear makeup on weekends- we're usually doing some outside activity, but if we are going in to public I'll just wear foundation/powder and mascara.  And make sure I have my wedding rings on so people can see that someone actually married me like this.
  • I chew my nails, have since I was a very very small child.  Therefore if I don't have acrylics, my hands look like hell.  Less so due to the shiny rock.
  • I sleep with my makeup on, on a regular basis- if I don't remember to clean my face before getting into bed, I'm certainly not going to get back up to do it. 
  • Unless I take a shower at night, which is generally the case.  But I still don't use toner or moisturizer
So now that we've established that I am going to have old, dry, wrinkly skin before 40, on to the good stuff.  The One Lovely Blog Award! Charlotte over at A Love Triangle nominated me for this!  Go check her out- she's one of the new blogs I follow thanks to Blogtober!!

Now I'm passing on the love!  Here are the rules:
  1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  2. Add the Lovely blog award logo onto your post/ blog.
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire/ read and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.
So, I'm qualifying the above facts about my makeup routine/ lack thereof as 4 of my random facts as well.  Here are 3 more:
  • It bothers the crap out of me if the light switches are opposite- like one in the "off" position and one in the "on" position when you have multiple.... panels for the room.  Does that even make sense?
  • I have a Roomba, his name is Peewee.  We refer to him as "him." 
  • I have a weird need to collect things.  I have probably 200 shot glasses.  I don't drink.  Well.  I don't take shots.  I also have been carrying around park passports in my purse.  I have one for Maine, Florida, and the National Parks.  I get the appropriate one stamped any time we go to a state/national park.



Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. 200 shot glasses :O That's mad! And sleep is a good one, I think we can all agree with that! :)

  2. Diana Buchanan10:25:00 AM

    Thanks so much for the shout out! :)

  3. It really is! I can't say how many I've got, I just know that whenever we go some place "new" I get one. And I got a bunch from one of my Army friends that would always get me one wherever he went. Resulting in Afghanistan and Iraq shot glasses.

  4. You're welcome!! You deserve it! :)

  5. Biana Perez10:34:00 AM

    I was a nail biter for the longest time and then finally stopped last year and I"m so happy I did - my nails are still short but at least they look better LOL!! Thanks for the nomination!!

  6. The last time I had acrylics I was SO close to breaking the habit! But about a week after the came off, I was back to square one.

  7. OMG I am the same way about light switches! We have a panel of three at work and it drives me nuts when they aren't all facing the same way when they are ON, I have to go and switch the other one off so that they can all match. LOL

  8. Hahah its one of the many ways that my husband and I are similar. So it baffles me when I enter a room and see the switches all jacked up. I think he does it just to mess with me.

  9. That's just cruel!!!!!!

  10. Thank you so much for the nomination! You're so sweet!

  11. You're welcome! You deserve it!

  12. Thanks for the nomination buddy!

  13. You're welcome!!!!!!

  14. so very late, but thanks for the nomination! :)

  15. You're welcome! I hope things have calmed down for you!

  16. We still have to go to the doctor every 3/4 days.. our next appt is Thurs.


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