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Blogtober 2014 Catch up

Helene in Between Blogtober

Wow! Two posts in one day?! I was catching up on my bloglovin' reading today and saw an interesting idea from Helene In Between and The Daily Tay-  they have given 31 prompts for the month of October to blog about daily.  As always, I'm slacking, so now I'm trying to catch up to be ready for the "10 Things you told yourself when you started blogging" prompt for tomorrow.

Here goes!

Day 1: "If You Won the Lottery..."
Scott and I were talking about this the other day.  We would pay off all of our debt and potentially sell the house and quit our current work.  We would either move back to Tennessee, or out west to Wyoming or Montana.  We would purchase a ranch and be sure that it was all fenced in so we could let the bears free range a little bit.  Scott would probably start a cow-calf ranching operation.  Once he paid someone to show him what to do.  The majority of our winnings would go toward stocks and savings; we would live primarily off of the interest and whatever our new careers brought in.  I would help out at the ranch and have a monstrous garden.  And a tractor.  We would probably have more dogs.  We would take a long trip to Alaska, and just may decide to stay.  I'm also pretty sure we would have an underground bunker, and would be living entirely off the grid.

Day 2: "Dream Job when you were Little & Now"

When I was little, the only thing I remember for sure wanting to be is a veterinarian.  However, around high school age I came to the conclusion that I would suck at the whole having to put an animal down (even for a good reason- sick, etc.) thing.  Now, I still don't really know what my "dream job" would be.  I often think it would be fun to have a little antique store- something we were also talking about the other day.  Not one of those dingy little junk stores chalk full of crap.  But, a nice store with vintage items, some furniture that I've restored, and collectibles that I've spent time researching and gathering.

Day 3: "One Thing You Can't Live Without"

There are the obvious choices: husband, family, animals (mine WILL live forever).  Something I don't quite give much thought to is my Driver's License.  I was 21 or 22 before I even got my license, so spent years having people cart me around.  After all, I was in college full time, and worked at least one job, sometimes two.  I depended wholly on my friends, working out with them who could pick me up and when.  I'd give them gas money and more than a few times I wound up having to take a cab to work.  Looking back, they were VERY good to me and I can't imagine not having my license now to get to where I want to go when I want to.  Even though I still hate driving and I literally only drive my car to work and back.   Scott drive 99% of the time when we're together- in fact I can only count a handful of times in the last 6 years that I've driven with him.   He's also the worst back seat driver ever.

Day 4: "Favorite Photo on Instagram"

I don't use Instagram too much and I'm not sure why.  I use Tumblr to post pictures of the dogs and our outings for the family (and others!) to see.  As such, I have only have 52 posts to Instagram, compared to the 501 posts to Tumblr!  The advantage to that, is that I only have to choose out of 52 photos!  Since I used this one for the #OctoberPhotoPets Challenge on Tumblr:
Such a good, patient boy.
This is one of my over all favorites, representing my "happy place" up in the mountains of East Tennessee.  It's great to be up here in the fall and winter time; the snow hits first up there, and stays longs.   Every time we go up to Tennessee for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, we make at least one trip.  It has been a "thing" for us since we met- while the first snow hits, we go play on the mountain.
"Cause he's a-headed west from the Cumberland Gap to Johnson City, Tennessee..."

Day 5 (Today):  Fall Bucket List

I think my Fall bucket list looks just like my every day bucket list in some respects!  For one, I/we need to deep clean the house- all rooms need to be reorganized now that we've lived here over a year and have realized there are "stuff" that we just don't need.  Be sure, this will also be on my winter, spring and summer bucket lists.

  1. Read the rest of the Gabriel Allon series.  I can't even remember which one I'm on but know have got at least 6 more left to read!
  2. Build more furniture.  We have lumber in our garage for a console table and end table to match our coffee table.
  3. Crochet a pair or legwarmers to wear with my boots.
  4. Drink a lot of hot Chai from Starbucks!
  5. Sleep with the windows open any night that the temperature is due to be below 60 degrees
  6. Go back to a lot of the parks we've explored in Florida so far and hike them.
  7. Never curse the cooler temperatures and try to remember how much I hated the 100 degree temps and 4000% humidity during the summertime.
  8. Prepare for Christmas in Florida with the family- a lot of Pinning has been going on!
  9. Complete this challenge :)
  10. Attend and purchase some things at estate auctions.


  1. Being a veterinarian does seem pretty cool, but yeah, it's a hard job. :( Your dog looks so cute in that photo, great bucket list. :)

  2. Thanks! Sometimes I think that it could have been worthwhile now that I have three beasts to look after.

  3. Alex Messina -Schultheis9:12:00 PM

    I'm going to have to try some hot chai from Starbucks! A lot of their other drinks don't agree with my stomach so I'm always looking for hot drinks to order there during the colder months.

    & I'm so with you on appreciating the cooler temperatures. I rarely complain anymore since I can't stand anything over 85 degrees (obnoxious, I know... I just love cooler months!)

    Happy fall!

  4. I think you can get it a couple different ways- the tea is made with water or the latte which is milk based.

    I can't/ won't even complain anymore about the temperature in my office! Currently it's 62 degrees, which is a great temp to be lounging around reading with a blanket. Not so good when you have to function! :) I know if I complain, they'll kick the heat on and it'll be 90 degrees in here!


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