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Rainy Weekend Explorations

You can't go inside, but it's still a pretty neat place.
And it is still a working facility.
It rained just about all weekend long.  After staying inside reading on Saturday, while Scott was entertained by Assassin's Creed on PS4, we were kind of ready to get out a little bit on Sunday.  Even though it was still drizzling off and on.  Originally we were going to go to the beach. But then decided to stay a little closer to home.

Scott's been wanting to show me St. Mark's Lighthouse for quite some time.  there was a $5 charge to get in, as it's a National Preserve or something.  But, from the entrance, it's almost 7 miles to the lighthouse.  In theme with everything else, we need to go back when it's a) not raining and b) cooler.

There was a small trail next to the parking lot by the light house.  We decided to explore a little bit since it wasn't currently raining.
We also swung by San Marcos de Apalachee, a state park that is a historic site.  At this point it was actually raining out, but we still poked around the fort.  The only thing we couldn't do is walk down one trail overlooking the bay, as the trail was flooded.  There were frogs everywhere.  Since it was raining, I go no pictures.

We did the same at Wakulla Springs state park.  Neither of us realized just how big this park is.  There are bunches of hiking trails (we went down one real quick to find a geocache, of course), but there is also a lodge and a restaurant.  The spring itself is huge in comparison to the others that we've seen.  We were informed that we could look at the spring but no one was allowed in, because of lightening.  We weren't going to play in the spring, anyway.  Again, no pictures since it was raining.

We found Monarchs!  Within the next month or so, they will be traveling south,
and apparently there are thousands here to play with.

I applied a filter on this one, and it came out pretty neat I think.
Since I failed at pictures for those two locations, and I failed at updating for our Labor Day weekend down in Vero, here are some pictures from that.

I can't remember what these were called.  Some kind of beach grapes or something. 
They are actually edible.  We found them all over the place at Sebastian Inlet state park.

I found a bunch of flowers out in the parking lot of the treasure museum at Sebastian Inlet. 
Which by the way, is also quite neat.  There's a deck that looks over the beach,
and we couldn't see anybody.Sometimes you can see ships out there, with divers looking for treasures.
While I was taking pictures of the flowers, a bee came to visit!
I managed to get a picture and not get stung!
Yaaaay for starting to understand my camera a little bit better!

Some of the photos I post will have a watermark and some won't.  This is basically because I'm lazy.  The ones that don't have a watermark, I may eventually make prints of.  The ones that do, I know I won't make a print of.  Don't ask me how I decide which I like enough to not watermark.

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