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Photo editing

Perdido Key skyline of condos and hotels, from Big Lagoon State Park.
Since I got my new camera, I've been taking many more pictures.  Aside from trying to figure out the "expert" modes so I can use it for more than just point and shoot scenarios, I'm also been poking around in Adobe Lightroom.  It seems to be more user friendly than Photoshop or GIMP.  But all of this learning takes patience, which I am not a fan of.

Sunday after the Kenny Chesney concert, we went back to Perdido Key to check out the state park, as well as Big Lagoon State Park.  We geocached, starting the "Explore Pensacola" GeoTour, and walked the beach.  We also saw a snake, which made geocaching a little less fun.  Damn nature sometimes.  I chose a couple of the pictures that I took on our explorations to edit. 

I can't decide if I like how I edited them, or if it looks too... poster-of-a-palm-tree-on-the-beach-y.

The sky to me, looks too blue.  But it's closer to how it was than the washed out version on the top. 
Plus, it makes the clouds pop.  I feel like this is more how it looked through my polarized sun glasses.

While I like the definition in the clouds, I don't like the overall tinting of the picture. 
I was able to lighten a lot of the dark spots in the picture, which pleased me.

So, any helpful tips from anyone that knows what they're doing? :)

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