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Life's a Beach

We have been going to the beach just about every weekend.  It has been glorious, albeit a trip.  Last week (Sunday, the day after my nut-case grout extravaganza), Scott had some work to do outside of the Destin area which gave us an excuse to go to Ponce de Leon Springs, Henderson Beach, and Topsail Hill Preserve.  I took pictures and we geocached.  I don't think we actually stopped to lay on the beach for any amount of time.  Mostly because we forgot towels!

We've been having fun exploring these beaches while the weather is warm.  We kind of figured out after the Bald Point hike, that this wasn't the time of year to be doing such a thing.  We've got a list of parks to go back to when the weather gets cooler.  We have also found that the state parks are far less crowded than public beaches.  Apparently $3- $6 entrance fee is just enough to keep the masses at bay.

We have both decided that we like the whole geocaching thing for a couple of different reasons.  One is kind of the same reason why I like collecting stamps in my little passport book.  It gives us a guide of places to check out.  Geocaching does the same, as it narrows down the part of the park/area we're going to explore.  It also gives us a goal to reach.  The down side is that we have to find it.  Neither of us will give up until we do, which sometimes leads us in to scrub brush, and poking around nature that we shouldn't be poking around in. 

Some pictures- different than what's on the Bears' tumblr, because apparently they are over 10mb.

I made Scott stop to take a picture of the moo-cow. 
It was on the way to one of the locations he had to visit for work.
Ponce de Leon Springs.  The river leading up to the spring- which is very blue. 
However, they built around the spring so it looks like a swimming pool. 
Kind of loses some of its neatness.
Henderson Beach and dunes.  We contemplated having the wedding here. 
Then we bought a house so we could have the wedding at it.
The scrub/ nature trail at Henderson Beach. 
If it weren't for all the traffic noise, you might think you were in a jungle. 
Topsail Hill Preserve is massive in acreage.  There is a tram that runs from the parking lot,
to the beach drop off about a mile away. Again, this makes it so the general public doesn't
think too much about coming here for a day at the beach.

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