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Kenny Chesney at Perdido Key

This weekend, Scott's aunt came to town to babysit the bears while we went over to Pensacola/ Perdido Key.  We left bright and early Saturday morning, and booked a hotel in Navarre.  It happened to be the only one that would/could let us in early.

By 1:30CST we were at the beach at Perdido Key, in back of the Flora-Bama.  The concert didn't start until 5.  It was hot. And there were over 40,000 according to the articles I've read.  After waiting 3.5 hours and dealing with the crowd, we only wound up staying for about an hour of the show.  I couldn't see the stage at all, and I figured if I wanted to watch the screen, I could do so from my couch, on a 60 inch 3D tv in November when it airs on CMT.

As a result, this is the only picture I took from the show:

Here are a couple from Kenny Chesney and Flora-bama's Facebook page, to get the full affect:
Post by Flora-Bama Lounge & Package.
Anyway, the folks in charge did a few things right. There were no lines to wait in. We parked at the shuttle pick up, got our bands, boarded the shuttle, and were en route all within about 10 minutes. Getting through security once we got there took another 3 minutes with a couple in front of us. Finding a place to camp out for the next 3.5 hours was a little more challenging. 

If they do it again next year (according to the t-shirts, this is going to be an annual "thing"), then we will either rent a condo and watch it from the balcony. Or, hope that create sections with a max capacity.  Everyone was trying to push their way to the front.  The towel we threw on the ground to sit on prior to the show, is now in a dumpster at the Madison County dump because it reeked SO bad after being trampled, we didn't even want it in our washer/dryer.  Overall, it is one of those things we're glad we did just to say we did it.  But otherwise, we're too old and antisocial for such a crowd with no control.

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