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All Work and No Play

"I just thought you were bat-sh*t crazy, but WOW!"

That was the reply that I got Saturday morning when Scott awakened to find his kitchen floors looking mighty fine.  As well as his laundry room.  It's been irking me for a while that our grout has looked so dingy, but I couldn't find a product that I thought would work.  Scott just thought the grout was "that color" despite my pointing out obvious parts of the floor that are far less traveled, with a much brighter grout line.  Friday was the start to my personal Everest.  I had gotten the supplies from Amazon that I had ordered the day before.  Among other grout- related products, it included Tech grout cleaner.   It's amazing.

Now is a good time to point out that I'm a strange little creature.  A pile of dishes in the sink, and that laundry basket full of clean clothes that has sat in my closet for weeks don't bother me.  The caulking in our shower (along with the dingy grout in the kitchen) has been driving me insane. 

After I go done scrubbing the grout in the kitchen, I moved on to the laundry room.  I also managed to get the caulking int he shower scraped off and re-caulked while Scott was in Orlando last week.  More importantly- I got the house cleaned up before he came back and saw that I was living like a "dirty little monkey!"

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