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The "Sunshine" State?

I'm fairly certain that when Florida got its nickname, it was because no one actually visited here during the summertime.  The time when it is so sickeningly hot and muggy, you want to do nothing.  Oh, and also it's not sunny.  It rains.  Everyday.  Sometimes for just a few minutes.  Sometimes for the entire day.  But regardless, I've seen the sun approximately 3 times in the two weeks that we have been back from Maine.

Today it was clear enough in the morning that we decided that we'd take a little hike in Tallahassee.  First, we checked out the Letchworth-Love Mounds a few miles east of Tallahassee.  These are ceremonial mounds used by Native Americans 1500-2000 years ago.  There was one big mound, about 60 feet high, and (according to the info in the park) around 20-25 smaller mounds located in different areas around it.  The Indians built these mounds to put their huts on, so there was less of a risk for flooding.  The state is in the process of clearing/ uncovering all of the mounds.

Nature is trying to reclaim what belongs to it.

Leaving the park, I (Scott, actually) took my favorite photo of the day...

After about a mile hike at Letchworth, we went on to Maclay Gardens.  We'd hiked here a couple times with the bears when we lived in Tallahassee.  There is also a geocoache located somewhere within the park. We did not find it.  Mostly because the location wasn't coming up on the free version of the app, and I refuse to spend $10 for a program to help me find crap out in the woods.  However, the adventure in trying to find it left us (Scott, Rylee, and I) on a 3 mile hike around a lake.  It would have been pretty.  If it hadn't decided to start raining.

The hike, while longer than what I'm used to, was easy going.  The trail is wide enough for bikers/runners/hikers/horses to all share.  There are no real tactical spots.  More of a walk in the woods than a hike.  However, Scott did it with a 50 pound backpack strapped on to him, and controlling a small beast.  That would probably make it more challenging if you like that sort of thing.

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