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Classes, Cruises, and Crops

My apologies yet again for the lack of updates.  It has been a busy busy few weeks and things have finally slowed down a little.  Classes will be wound up by this time next month- woo hoo!  Only a couple more tests and I am free for at least the summer.

Our family / honeymoon cruise was a couple weeks ago- it seems I do, in fact, need a vacation from vacation.  So much so that I left work Thursday with another migraine.  Here are a few of the 188 pictures I have on file...

On our way to our 1st breakfast of the day

View from our big balcony

We met Guy Harvey in the Cayman Islands!


After 3 breakfasts and one lunch, this is where I napped every day.
And when I got up it was time for our second lunch!

Last- my crops are doing quite well.  However, I have not started my next round of cucumbers yet.  The tomatoes, beans, peppers, garlic, and onions are doing well.  Scott's corn, lettuce, and spinach are also thriving... at least the corn is anyway...

Lastly last- I woke up yesterday morning wanting to start couponing again!  Scott's very excited, as he didn't realize just how much we were saving/ how nice it was to have a stockpile of things.  I think this time around, I'm going to focus more on nonperishable items and less on food and things.  We're slowly trying to get away from boxed/ processed foods.  Except for frozen pizzas of course.  In an effort to do this, we've started hitting up Trader Joe's more frequently and Walmart less.

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