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Spring is Coming

For my family back in Maine, and even my in-laws in Tennessee, Spring is taking its sweet time getting here.

I however, live in Florida.  Which means while most of my family is looking at this:
Totally hi-jacked from  my mom's Facebook.  She won't mind
I'm looking at this:
Beautiful little bears!  They've enjoyed having the french doors open and running in and out as necessary.
While we've had a few chilly nights, they rarely get below freezing.  When we moved at the end of March last year, all the super cold nights were over with, and our first project was to build a raised garden bed.  This year, we're going to add one or two more, plus remake the one we put in last year.  We weren't sure how things would grow, so we just used pine lumber.  Things grew well.  Now we need to upgrade to cedar, which is naturally water and rot resistant.

Feeling particularly lazy this weekend, after having had an accounting test during the last week, and a real estate exam next week, building the garden boxes wasn't happening.  So I started my seeds instead!  I figure by the time they're ready to be transplanted it will be warm enough for them outside, plus then I'll have to get off my butt and build them!

I would show a picture of my seeds germinating.  But I'm pretty sure everyone knows what a pile of mud looks like.  So far, I've started 6 or 8 tomato plants, a couple pepper plants (because some peppers I let biodegrade in the garden last year, sprouted!), and enough cucumbers for my yearly stash of pickles!!  I'll have to wait to be able to direct-sow, outside, the onion and green beans.  We also have corn, and spinach to plant!

Once we have the boxes built, and I can get an idea of how much space I have to work with- I'm super bad with mental images- I may direct sow some more seeds.   This will make it so I'll have vegetables in a different stage- so I hopefully don't get overrun by peppers and cucumbers all at one time.

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