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The Best of Times- the Worst of Timing!

After months of thinking and contemplating this whole blogging thing, and deciding to run with it.  Deciding I have enough material for such a venture.

Then, putting in many an hour testing different sites to use, getting the layout right, making pictures/banners.  Not to mention countless hours YouTubing how to use Gimp somewhat efficiently....

For some reason, I pick the time to launch the Bear Den Plantation just before Christmas.  Then leave the state, so I can write posts, but not publish them because they have no pictures to make it pretty.  Plus it takes me like a week looking at the same post before I decide it's "good" enough to publish.

Then I come back, and it's cold.  In Florida.  Making it unpleasent at the least to work on my garage full of projects. Or do anything more than argue over the PS4 with my hasband, because we're 6 apparently.

Then, I get registered for a couple of classes this semester. 

But wait, I have to actually go to those classes, thus throwing my work schedule (and my leaving daily at 4:30, beating rush hour) out of whack.

Moral of this story:

There's never going to be a perfect time.  For anything.  Some things you just have to (or want to) do anyway and you'll fit it in where you can. Like deciding you have enough time for video games exactly when someone else turns on the machine to play.

So, bear with me.  The posts and projects and updates may be few and far between right now.  But they'll be here.

Also, thank you, Brother, for the share on Facebook.  I got 50-60 new visits that day :)

Leave comments! I like them! 

1 comment:

  1. You, my sweet daughter, will figure out the timing ~ I have no doubt. And you are absolutely correct, there is never, ever perfect timing for anything in life. Love you xxoo


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