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Current Favorite Gadget: Black & Decker Sure Grip Laser Level

Living in the middle of planted pine has some benefits that sometimes work against us.  For instance: it's quiet, peaceful, and there's plenty of room for the bears to romp around. But then it rains really hard and the power goes out for a couple hours.  Not so bad this time of year, but during the summer without A/C it could be miserable.  So now Scott's looking in to generators.

The aforementioned natural light that we have coming through the house makes it so even when it's raining out, we can do projects.  As long as it doesn't require cell phones, internet, or anything else that needs to be plugged in.  So, we decided to get some pictures hung up on our living room walls, using the Black & Decker Sure Grip that my brother got us for Christmas.

Seriously newest favorite thing.  Scott is no longer allowed to "eyeball" nails in the wall.

This guy costs about $35 on Amazon and is battery operated.  It seriously sped up the picture hanging process and calmed my perfectionist neurosis down to nothing.  The buttons on the right control the laser and LED light for the level.  There is also a button above the main one, that makes it beep when it's level, in case you're in a position that you can't see the bubble of the level.

The top of the laser is a sure grip suction cup.  It attaches to most (normal) walls for about 15 minutes.  However, we have knockdown walls, so we had to use the push pin included on the back to tack it in place.  You can remove the bottom laser/level part to flip the other direction, as well as angle it, which would be handy when we start hanging pictures going up the stairs.  There is a magnet behind the Black & Decker logo on either side.

Just hang this on the wall, and it gives you a straight line to nail on.  Especially handy with things that have two or more hooks on the back.  It leaves the guesswork of if the nails are even-  but remember to measure the distance between the two hooks.

The line will go on to the next wall as well, making it so you can keep things straight all the way around with very little moving.

The LED is supposed to change from red to green when the level is ... level.  However, we discovered this, and the sound feature are a little off.

Overall though, this is definitely a tool that everyone should have.

What are some of your favorite DIY tools?  Comment below and share!

This is my own personal opinion and experience-  I'm not in anyway compensated for this post.


  1. Cool! I may need to get this thing :)


    1. I love it! I'm so neurotic about getting things straight and then when you add in more than one hook on the back, it was just a never ending battle with a few extra holes in the wall. But I never thought of something like this as a neccessity, so I'm glad my brother went ahead and included it in my Christmas gift :)


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