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Brad Paisley and a Dresser Redo

While these two things have entirely nothing to do with each other... it caught your attention, right? I hear that's important in blog-land.  I thought about "Brad Paisley's Dresser Redo"  but I figured that would be a little more misleading.

Dresser Redo beforeAnyway.  I finally got this dresser that I won at an estate auction for $75 all prettied up.

First, I thought I was going to be able to salvage the mirror. You can see some cloudiness on there.  But after Googling how to take care of such a problem... I found nothing.  Short of having to take it to some special mirror place and having them re-silver it.  So, I re-purposed it.  You'll have to check back to see the end results.

I also found while removing the hardware, that one of the wooden knobs were chipped.  Had it not been I probably would have just spray painted them and reattached.  Instead, I began my two month hunt for the perfect pulls.

You can't see it in this picture, but the veneering on both sides were pretty terrible.  Last, when I removed the drawers, they had that terrible musty smell.  They also needed some reinforcing.

I sanded and stained the top a dark walnut color.  Then I wood puttied the sides, primed, and (chalk) painted the rest of the dresser (drawers included) a barely-tinted white.  After a few coats of chalk-paint, I waxed the whole thing with Johnson's wax paste.  Wow.  So much softer than Minwax's!  I put a layer of dark paste that I had to special order on on the top.

Dresser Redo After
Then.  After week(end)s of working and painting and sanding and painting.  I dipped a rag into the dark walnut stain that I used on the top.  And smeared it ALL OVER the white paint.  Just as Scott walked into the garage.  After a few expletives from him, I wiped the excess off giving the dresser a nice "antiqued" look.  I was nervous it was still a little too... "small child smeared paint on the wall" basically what happened so I rubbed some more wax over it.  It acted as an eraser, so I could "control" the smears a bit more.

After we got it into the house, we removed the casters from it.  The pulls that I wound up getting are from Lowes, and were more than what I originally wanted to spend.  But, as Scott pointed out.  I can always change them, and no knobs makes it... not functional.

The picture is darker, because when editing, I couldn't get the details of the "stain smears" to stand out.  When I got this piece from the sale, I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it and where it would go.  Mirror and all.  But I ran into a slight problem.

Entry Way with Dresser
Walls are too ... BLAH!!
Unfortunately the ENTIRE house is painted this tan color.  We could repaint- but aside from the blue in the master bath, the red in the dining room, and the green I'm thinking about painting our bedroom, I can't find a color that "works" with these floors.  And with so much open area.  So.  My entryway piece made a short journey (after the photo shoot in the dining room) to our bedroom.  It's currently our tv stand, making it so we (Scott) could move my desk upstairs for my office area.  Which is now -kind of- set up.  If you want to call a desk with a lap top and second monitor on it, a mismatched chair that needs reupholstering and painting, and Christmas lights a MONTH after Christmas, "set up."

One more picture of the details...
Dresser redo details
I love it.  The hardware from Lowes is also adequate.
I will share the cost round up with the mirror redo- this is turning into a lengthy, picture-heavy post and my slow little DSL can't handle much more1

And now... the part with Brad Paisley.  We went to his show the night before we got the dresser into the house.  That's the only connection between these two topics.  I thought I would share some of the pictures that I got from the front row of floor.  The main stage had a catwalk that made a "T" so we were right in front of the "T" part.

Brad Paisley and a Dresser Redo
Sorry for the blurriness-  these were taken on my iPhone, with no zoom.  Plus, he moves around

Brad Paisley and a Dresser Redo
I haven't seen him live in about 9 years, and he still puts on THE BEST show

Brad Paisley and a Dresser Redo
When I saw him up in Maine, I got to meet him.  I was 18.  Terrifying that was almost 10 years ago

Brad Paisley and a Dresser Redo
Remember that guitar.  It will come up in "Part Deux - Brad Paisley and the Mirror Makeover"
That's all I have for this cold and ... rainy... day in North Florida!  Stay tuned for Part Two- The Mirror Makeover, where I'll also share some backstage pictures I snapped.  The last installment- Brad Paisley and Building a Coffee Table- will also have a short video of the show.  Seriously, it was a busy weekend.  Scott and I got things DONE!

Be sure to comment below and tell me what you think!  Of life, my dresser, my tan walls, Brad Paisley, or my bears!

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